15 Easy Bunny Ears Drawing Ideas

Hopping into the world of drawing can be a whirlwind adventure, especially when it comes to creating something as cute and cuddly as bunny ears! Whether you have a tiny toddler wielding a crayon like a magic wand or you are a parent looking to guide your little Picasso, these easy bunny ears drawing ideas are bound to make your day a bit more “hop-tastic.” Get ready to giggle and wiggle those creative muscles because we’re about to dive ear-first into some bunny-licious art projects!

Rainbow Bunny Ears

rainbow bunny ears

Start with two tall, curved lines for the ears, making sure they’re slightly apart. Inside each ear, draw parallel, curved lines in sequence to create a rainbow pattern, using the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet from bottom to top. Underneath the ears, sketch a simple, smiling face with closed eyes and a round nose to finish your cheerful rainbow bunny ears.

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Classic Bunny Ears

classic bunny ears

To draw a classic bunny with upright ears, begin by sketching two long, parallel ovals for the ears, adding a touch of pink inside each for warmth. Draw a round face below, with two dots for the eyes, a small X for the nose, and lines on either side for whiskers. Finish by coloring the cheeks pink and outlining the bunny in a darker shade to make it pop.

Floppy Bunny Ears

floppy bunny ears

For a floppy-eared bunny, sketch a large circular face and two long ears draped down each side, with pink interiors peeking out. Give the face two large, sparkling eyes and a sweet, three-line mouth. Dab on rosy cheeks and add small hearts near the ears to express an aura of love and delight surrounding your cuddly bunny creation.

Patterned Bunny Ears

patterned bunny ears

Draw a round face with two long, upright ears. Inside the ears, create horizontal bands filled with various patterns such as stripes, dots, and dashes in alternating colors. Add large, expressive eyes with sparkles, a tiny heart-shaped nose, and whisker lines. Finish with blushing cheeks to bring your patterned bunny ears to life with a burst of personality and playfulness.

Flower Crown Bunny Ears

flower crown bunny ears

Begin with a wide, happy-faced oval and two long, slender ears. Sketch a crown of flowers at the base of the ears, intertwining daisies and leaves with pastel petals. Color the insides of the ears a soft pink, and give the face a contented smile with closed, curved eyes. Rosy cheeks and scattered tiny hearts complete this serene flower crown bunny.

Butterfly Bunny Ears

butterfly bunny ears

Sketch a wide, oval face with two long, upright ears, painting the inner ears with a gentle pink hue. Adorn each ear with a colorful butterfly, their wings open as if just landed. Draw large, round eyes filled with wonder, a tiny mouth, and add a touch of blush to the cheeks. Surround your bunny with small stars and flowers for a magical atmosphere.

Starlight Bunny Ears

starlight bunny ears

Create a circular face with two long, upward ears. Inside the ears, blend a night sky gradient from dark to light, sprinkling stars, moons, and planets throughout to mimic the cosmos. On the face, draw large, sparkling eyes and a small, contented smile. Add rosy cheeks, and encircle the bunny with an assortment of stars, creating a celestial vibe around your starlight-themed bunny.

Winter Bunny Ears

winter bunny ears

Illustrate a round-faced bunny with two soft pink inner-eared outlines peeking from beneath a cozy knit hat. The hat should have stripes in gentle winter hues, topped with a playful pom-pom. Below the hat, draw two large, glossy eyes and a tiny, subtle smile. Accent the cheeks with a dash of pink to evoke a chilly, rosy-cheeked warmth in your snug, winter bunny creation.

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Pirate Bunny Ears

pirate bunny ears

Craft a circular bunny face with tall, perky ears filled with a soft pink color. Cap the head with a bold pirate hat, complete with a skull and crossbones symbol. Draw two large, shining eyes and a small, happy mouth, and then brush the cheeks with a gentle blush. Add a few scattered crossbones around the face to emphasize the playful pirate theme of your bunny.

Superhero Bunny Ears

superhero bunny ears

Imagine a heroic bunny by drawing an oval face with two long, vigilant ears, accented with pink. Equip your bunny with a bold superhero mask, streaked with striking blue and outlined for impact. Beneath the mask, add a small, determined smile and rosy cheeks. Finally, scatter tiny stars near the ears to symbolize the bunny’s super-powered nature, ready to leap into action!

Garden Bunny Ears

garden bunny ears

Begin with a serene oval face and two long ears, adding a delicate pink shade inside them. Adorn the ears with graceful green vines and leaves, twisting naturally upward and outward to create an enchanting garden effect. Include a few tiny flowers blooming among the foliage. Draw a simple, happy expression with large eyes and a tiny mouth, complemented by soft blush on the cheeks.

Beach Bunny Ears

beach bunny ears

Craft a rounded face with two long, pink-lined ears peeking out from beneath a sun hat striped with cheerful colors. Adorn the hat with a bright starfish accent. Below the brim, draw heart-shaped sunglasses reflecting the summer sun. Finish with a simple, smiling mouth and flushed cheeks to embody the warmth and joy of a beach-bound bunny ready for sunny adventures.

Sporty Bunny Ears

sporty bunny ears

To draw a sporty bunny, start with a circular face and two tall ears with a hint of pink inside. Place a visor cap snugly on the head, curving above the eyes. Sketch a pair of simple, wide eyes and a w-shaped smile. Add a touch of blush on the cheeks to bring life to your character. This bunny is all geared up for a game of outdoor fun!

Space Bunny Ears

space bunny ears

Imagine a cosmic adventure by drawing a round face with two elongated ears. Inside the ears, paint a deep space backdrop with twinkling stars and floating planets in a variety of colors and sizes. Add two large, sparkling eyes and a tiny, curious mouth to the face. Accentuate the cheeks with a light blush, and sprinkle surrounding stars to complete your space-themed bunny, ready to explore the universe.

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Musical Bunny Ears

musical bunny ears

To create a musical bunny, sketch an elongated face with two tall ears, adding a blush of pink inside each. Give the bunny round, gleeful eyes and a cheery smile, with rosy cheeks for a touch of joy. Place a dapper bow tie at the neck and draw a small musical instrument, like a flute, in its hands. Surround your bunny with floating musical notes to set a harmonious scene.


And there you have it, folks – a burrow-full of bunny ears that are easier to draw than convincing a bunny to wash its carrots! Whether your artistic journey took you through fields of starry-eared bunnies or you found yourself hosting a garden party on your bunny’s head, we hope you found joy in every stroke and giggle in every goof. Remember, the world of art is vast and forgiving; there’s no such thing as mistakes, only happy little accidents. So, keep those pencils hopping and who knows? Maybe next time, we’ll tackle drawing the rest of the bunny!


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