46 Cute Easy Easter Drawing Ideas

Hop into the spirit of Easter with these egg-ceptionally cute and easy drawing ideas perfect for kids! Whether your little bunnies are beginners or mini-Michelangelos, these ideas will add a spring to their step and a rainbow of colors to their canvases. From fluffy bunnies hiding eggs to serene spring landscapes, we’ve got all the inspiration you need to make this Easter a masterpiece. So, grab your crayons, and let’s turn those blank pages into a parade of Easter joy. Warning: Side effects may include unstoppable giggling and an abundance of creativity!

Easter Symbols and Traditions

Easter Egg Wagon

easter egg wagon

Grab your favorite markers and let’s create an Easter Egg Wagon! Start with a simple wooden wagon, add wheels, and then fill it to the brim with eggs. Give each egg a unique pattern and a cute face. Add some pastel colors to bring out the joy of Easter, and sprinkle in a few hearts and stars for that extra sparkle. Remember, the more colors and smiles, the merrier your wagon will be!

Explorer more drawing ideas:

Bunny in a Basket

bunny in a basket

To draw a ‘Bunny in a Basket’ for an Easter idea, start with a rounded wicker basket, ensuring it’s cozy enough for a plump bunny. Nestle a fluffy bunny inside, with big, soft ears and a cheerful expression. Surround your bunny with patterned Easter eggs and add daisies around the basket for a spring touch. Use soft colors to give your drawing a gentle, festive feel.

Easter Sunrise

easter sunrise

To capture an ‘Easter Sunrise,’ begin with a half-sun peeping over the horizon at the center, casting rays of warm light. Above, sketch soft clouds and a clear sky, adding a bird in flight for a touch of nature. In the foreground, place two smiling Easter eggs amidst a field of spring flowers and a vibrant tree, completing this cheerful Easter morning scene. Use bright, joyful colors to bring the sunrise to life.

Easter Egg Tree

easter egg tree

Imagine an ‘Easter Egg Tree’ where the branches are brimming with Easter joy. Begin with a sturdy trunk and spread out branches. Adorn them with various patterned Easter eggs, each with a happy face. Intersperse with blossoms and leaves, and don’t forget a few eggs at the base with playful expressions. Choose a palette of pastel hues to give your drawing a soft, festive atmosphere.

Easter Candle

easter candle

For an ‘Easter Candle’ drawing, picture a plump, cheerful candle as your centerpiece with a bright flame atop. Surround it with a festive array of patterned Easter eggs at the base, intermingled with sprigs of spring flowers and leaves. Use a warm, glowing palette for the candle and soft pastels for the eggs and flowers, ensuring everything has a friendly face to embody the joyful spirit of Easter.

Easter Bunny Footprints

easter bunny footprints

Envision a trail of ‘Easter Bunny Footprints’ leading to a surprise. Center your drawing with a cute, smiling bunny and a gift-wrapped box. Connect them with a dotted path of paw prints. Add some playful stars around the bunny to suggest a little Easter magic. Keep the lines simple and the colors soft to capture the innocent charm of this Easter scene.

Bunny Hiding Eggs

bunny hiding eggs

To capture the ‘Bunny Hiding Eggs’ scene, draw a jovial bunny with large, expressive ears and a round body clutching a striped Easter egg. Beside it, include another smaller egg with a different pattern for variety. Ensure the bunny’s pose suggests movement, as if it’s in the middle of an Easter egg hiding mission. Use soft shades to color the eggs and give the bunny a gentle, friendly face.

Easter Egg Hunt Scene

easter egg hunt scene

To create a drawing based on ‘Easter Egg Hunt Scene,’ start with a sunny outdoor setting. Draw three children with joyful expressions; one wearing bunny ears. They are holding baskets filled with colorful Easter eggs. Scatter various decorated eggs on the ground around them. Add a smiling sun and some playful clouds in the sky to complete this cheerful springtime scene.

Easter Ribbon Bow

easter ribbon bow

For an ‘Easter Ribbon Bow’ illustration, envision a symmetrical bow shape with two loops and two tails. Give it personality with a cute, smiling center knot. Embellish the loops and tails with Easter egg-inspired patterns and gentle pastel stripes. Scatter around small flowers and festive shapes to emphasize the Easter theme. Use a playful color scheme to make your bow as charming as it is festive.

Easter Candle Holder

easter candle holder

Create an ‘Easter Candle Holder’ with a broad, happy face and a melting top where a flame dances. The holder should have two elegant handles curving outward. Embellish the base with a pattern of Easter eggs and spring flowers, adding personality to the holder. Choose warm, joyful colors to fill in your drawing, ensuring it radiates the cozy glow of Easter warmth and happiness.

Easter Crown

easter crown

Imagine an ‘Easter Crown’, starting with a wide base and pointed tips. Give it a friendly smile and eyes, and place a star at the peak. Tuck decorated Easter eggs between the points, and encircle the bottom with a wreath of spring flowers and leaves. Choose a golden hue for the crown and pastel patterns for the eggs to create a regal yet playful Easter accessory.

Easter Egg Garland

easter egg garland

Create an ‘Easter Egg Garland’ by drawing a curved line across the top of your page to serve as the string. Hang multiple oval-shaped eggs of uniform size from the string with short lines. Give each egg a contented face, and add a rosy blush to their cheeks. Dot the string with small beads or flowers and choose a harmonious pastel palette to embody the softness of Easter.

Easter Egg Puzzle

easter egg puzzle

For an ‘Easter Egg Puzzle’, draw a large oval divided into interlocking puzzle pieces. In the central piece, craft a happy face with a smile and two eyes. Color each puzzle piece in a different bright hue, and add simple designs to some, like stripes or dots. Scatter small plus-sign shapes around the egg to suggest a whimsical, playful setting for your Easter puzzle.

Easter Bonnet

easter bonnet

To draw an ‘Easter Bonnet’, start with a character peeking out from under a wide-brimmed hat. Decorate the hat with alternating pastel stripes, and adorn the brim with a flourish of spring flowers and leaves. Include curled ribbon details on the sides for added flair. Finish with playful dots and stars around the bonnet to capture the light-hearted spirit of Easter.

Easter Angel

easter angel

To create an ‘Easter Angel’, sketch a sweet-faced character with large, sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks. Above her head, draw a simple halo and then crown her with a band of Easter eggs adorned with various patterns. Give her two small wings to complete her angelic appearance. Use soft colors to fill in the drawing, highlighting her innocent charm and the festive Easter theme.

Bunny Hug

bunny hug

To illustrate a ‘Bunny Hug’, start with two round-bodied bunnies side by side. One bunny has a blue hue and the other, beige, each with long ears and one wearing a bow. Draw their arms wrapped around each other in a warm embrace. Give each bunny a joyful expression with closed eyes and a big smile. Add a blush to their cheeks to emphasize their affectionate moment.

Fun and Festivities

Easter Parade

easter parade

To capture the joy of an ‘Easter Parade’, draw three happy characters holding hands in the center of your paper: a person on each side and a bunny in the middle. Above them, sketch a garland with flowers and hanging Easter eggs. Give each character and egg a unique pattern and cheerful face. Use a palette of soft, festive colors to bring this charming Easter celebration to life.

Easter Picnic

easter picnic

For an ‘Easter Picnic’ scene, sketch a family seated on a picnic blanket with a large Easter bunny behind them. Include a basket filled with Easter eggs and spread out a variety of picnic foods in front of them. Draw each family member with a warm smile, and add details like flowers and grass around them to set the scene in a blossoming park. Use soft, inviting colors to give the drawing a sunny, cheerful atmosphere.

Kite Flying

kite flying

To draw ‘Kite Flying’ for an Easter theme, begin with a bunny in the foreground holding a string attached to kites. Give the bunny a striped hat and a joyful expression. Behind the bunny, sketch a sunny sky dotted with fluffy clouds, colorful kites of different shapes, and a smiling sun. Use bright, playful colors to bring this vibrant Easter scene to life with movement and joy.

Easter Egg Balloons

easter egg balloons

To draw ‘Easter Egg Balloons’, create a cluster of oval-shaped balloons with varying patterns, like stripes and polka dots. Give each balloon a cute, kawaii-style face with large, sparkling eyes and a small, contented smile. Add little strings at the bottom of each balloon to suggest they are floating. Surround them with tiny stars and use a palette of bright, cheerful colors to enhance the festive Easter vibe.

Creative and Artistic

Carrot Patch

carrot patch

To draw a ‘Carrot Patch’, create a line of dirt mounds across your paper. On each mound, sketch a carrot with its greens popping out. In the center, place a large, happy bunny peeking over the carrots. Give the bunny and carrots smiling faces. Add a few stars around the bunny to convey a magical, garden feel. Use vibrant oranges and greens to make your carrot patch come alive.

Easter Cookie Drawing

easter cookie drawing

To create an ‘Easter Cookie Drawing’, arrange a collection of various shaped cookies, such as circles and a bunny, with adorable faces on them. Include an Easter egg with a decorative pattern. Add small details like icing and chocolate chips to the cookies. Scatter around some confetti and stars to enhance the festive mood. Choose a pastel color scheme with pops of bright colors for a playful, sweet look.

Explorer more drawing ideas:

Easter Egg Pattern Design

easter egg pattern design

For an ‘Easter Egg Pattern Design’, draw three oval shapes in a row, each with different intricate patterns like waves, swirls, and geometric shapes. Give each egg cute facial expressions with large, sparkly eyes and a smile. Add small decorative elements like dots and stars around the eggs. Choose a harmonious color scheme with contrasting patterns to make each egg unique and vibrant.

Easter Bunny Ears Headband

easter bunny ears headband

To draw an ‘Easter Bunny Ears Headband’, sketch a character with large, expressive eyes and rosy cheeks. Above their head, draw a headband with two tall bunny ears protruding upwards. Decorate the headband with colorful Easter eggs. Finish the character with soft hair contours around the face and headband, adding a touch of cuteness to the festive Easter accessory.

Bunny Tail Drawing

bunny tail drawing

To create a ‘Bunny Tail Drawing’, begin with a round-bodied bunny sitting upright. Add long, slender ears at the top and a small, fluffy tail at the back. Sketch in the bunny’s large, glistening eyes, a tiny heart-shaped nose, and a hint of a smile. Keep the lines smooth and rounded for a soft, cuddly look. Use shades of gray and white to give your bunny a gentle, charming appearance.

Bunny Ears Hat

bunny ears hat

To draw a ‘Bunny Ears Hat’, start with a character’s face and add two long ears protruding from under a rounded hat. Embellish the hat with stripes and a cute side decoration like a leaf or flower. Give the character large, sparkly eyes, and a tiny mouth. Accentuate with blush on the cheeks and add some twinkling stars around the ears to enhance the whimsical charm of the hat.

Animals and Nature

Spring Butterfly

spring butterfly

To draw a ‘Spring Butterfly’, begin with a central, rounded body and add a happy face with large, expressive eyes and a small smile. Construct four symmetrical wings, decorating them with patterns of swirls and dots. Ensure the wings have a top and bottom set with a slight variation in size. Add antennae with small orbs at the ends. Choose vibrant blues and yellows to make your butterfly stand out.

Duckling in a Pond

duckling in a pond

To illustrate a ‘Duckling in a Pond’, start with a round, fluffy body for the duckling. Add a cute, smiling face with big, wide eyes and a small beak. Sketch the duckling’s wings resting at its sides. Draw a simple outline beneath the duckling to represent water, giving the impression of the duckling afloat. Add a few ripples around it to show movement. Use soft yellows and blues to convey a gentle, serene pond setting.

Baby Lamb

baby lamb

To create a ‘Baby Lamb’, draw a fluffy, cloud-like body with a rounded head. Add large, sparkling eyes, a small nose, and a gentle smile. Sketch soft ears peeking out from its woolly head. Underneath, give the lamb four tiny legs. Set your lamb on a patch of grass dotted with small flowers. Choose soft whites and pastels to emphasize the lamb’s innocence and the freshness of spring.

Spring Frog

spring frog

To draw a ‘Spring Frog’ for an Easter idea, sketch a plump, round frog with big, wide eyes and a content smile. Place it sitting down, holding a decorated Easter egg gently in its front legs. Draw the frog on a patch of grass, and surround it with simple flowers and fluttering butterflies to evoke a springtime feel. Use bright greens for the frog and pastels for the eggs and flowers.

Spring Bee

spring bee

To draw a ‘Spring Bee’, start with an oval shape for the body, adding black stripes and two translucent wings. Sketch a cute face with large eyes and a tiny smile. Above the head, add two small antennae. Position the bee above a variety of colorful flowers to suggest a garden setting. Use bright yellows for the body, soft blues for the wings, and vibrant hues for the flowers.

Spring Birdhouse

spring birdhouse

To draw a ‘Spring Birdhouse’, sketch a simple, wooden house with a round entrance in the center. Add a cheerful bird perched on top. Surround the birdhouse with blossoming flowers and a few patterned Easter eggs at the base. Illustrate the birdhouse with a smiling face for a whimsical touch. Use a palette of earthy tones for the house and bright, joyful colors for the flowers and eggs.

Spring Snail

spring snail

To create a ‘Spring Snail’, draw a rounded body with a large, swirled shell on its back. Sketch the snail’s face with large, endearing eyes and a tender smile. Add two antennae on top of its head. Place the snail among a field of simple flowers and hearts to capture the essence of spring. Choose soft pinks for the shell and vibrant greens for the grass and foliage.

Easter Chick in a Hat

easter chick in a hat

To draw an ‘Easter Chick in a Hat’, start with a round, fluffy chick’s body. Add two small feet protruding from the bottom. Sketch large, expressive eyes and a tiny beak on the chick’s face, with rosy cheeks for added cuteness. Top the chick’s head with a striped, colorful beanie hat, complete with a pompom. Embellish the scene with small stars to capture the chick’s delightful charm.

Flora and Scenic Landscapes

Tulip Field

tulip field

To draw a ‘Tulip Field’, depict a cheerful bunny in the center with elongated ears and a sweet expression. Surround it with a colorful array of tulips of varying heights and stages of bloom. Intersperse the flowers with some Easter egg designs for a festive touch. Use a bright palette for the flowers and soft pastels for the bunny, with a sunny backdrop to evoke a joyful springtime scene.

Spring Rain

spring rain

To depict ‘Spring Rain’, draw a round-faced bunny at the bottom with large, endearing eyes and whiskers. Above the bunny, create an assortment of colorful raindrops falling from the sky. Surround the bunny with a variety of simple, cheerful flowers. Use a soft color palette for the bunny and vibrant, pastel hues for the raindrops and flowers to convey the refreshing and blossoming mood of spring rain.

Daffodil Field

daffodil field

To draw a ‘Daffodil Field’, create a series of daffodils with varying sizes, each with a smiling face. Place a larger daffodil in the foreground as a focal point, complete with expressive eyes and a gentle smile. Ensure each flower has a distinct star-shaped corona. Dot the scene with twinkling stars to add a touch of whimsy. Use bright yellows and greens to bring this cheerful spring scene to life.

Easter Sunrise Landscape

easter sunrise landscape

To create an ‘Easter Sunrise Landscape’, draw a large, cheerful sun with a smiling face rising above a simple horizon line. Add radiating sunbeams extending into the sky, flanked by small clouds. In the foreground, sketch a row of decorated Easter eggs nestled in the grass, with small flowers around them. Use a warm color palette for the sun and sky, and spring colors for the eggs and landscape.

Blooming Cherry Blossom

blooming cherry blossom

To capture a ‘Blooming Cherry Blossom’, draw a fluffy tree topped with clusters of pink flowers, each petal outlined for definition. Give the tree a friendly face with large, sparkling eyes and a contented smile. Scatter some petals falling gently around it, adding a whimsical touch. The trunk should be simple and sturdy, providing a strong base for the blooms. Choose soft pinks and whites to emphasize the delicate nature of cherry blossoms.

Easter Garden

easter garden

Begin with a lush garden base of varied greenery and intersperse it with vividly colored flowers. Place a plump, adorable bunny in the center, peeking out, with large, gentle eyes and perky ears adorned with a floral crown. Around the bunny, nestle decorated Easter eggs among the blooms, ensuring a balance of colors and sizes for visual harmony. Above, sketch a clear sky with fluffy clouds to complete this serene ‘Easter Garden’ scene.

Springtime Brook

springtime brook

Sketch two lush green islands surrounded by a meandering brook with a cascading waterfall. Adorn the landscape with a variety of spring flora and rocks. Include a serene bunny on one island and a content chick on the other, both amidst Easter eggs. Above, draw a gentle sky dotted with clouds, and complete your tranquil ‘Springtime Brook’ with simplistic trees framing the scene.

Easter Sunset

easter sunset

Begin with a pastel sunset backdrop, blending pinks and yellows with a soft sun dipping into the horizon. Add a serene sea with gentle waves and a clear sky graced with fluffy clouds. In the foreground, draw a round, bunny-eared creature gazing at the sunset. Surround it with silhouetted grass and sparkling stars to encapsulate the whimsy of an ‘Easter Sunset’.

Rainbow Over Flowers

rainbow over flowers

Craft a vibrant rainbow arcing across the top of your canvas, using bold, saturated colors in traditional order. Below, sketch two simple, friendly rabbits peering over a field of various flowers, their ears just touching the rainbow’s base. Add a sprinkle of colorful stars around the rainbow for a magical touch, encapsulating the joyful essence of ‘Rainbow Over Flowers’.

Bunny’s Spring Home

bunny's spring home

Begin with a cozy, rounded burrow nestled among rolling hills. Frame the entrance with lush grass and an abundance of spring flowers in soft pastels. In the burrow’s opening, place a plump, cheerful bunny with large, attentive ears and kind eyes. Ensure the bunny’s face conveys a warm welcome, embodying the essence of ‘Bunny’s Spring Home’.

Easter Meadow Picnic

easter meadow picnic

Sketch a lush, verdant meadow under a clear sky. At the center, lay a checkered picnic blanket with a group of adorable bunnies gathered around, some with floral decorations. Include painted Easter eggs in various patterns and colors in the foreground, complemented by baskets filled with Easter treats. Above, draw a smiling sun, and in the background, a picnic scene with a parasol, chairs, and more bunnies enjoying the day.

Explorer more drawing ideas:

Springtime Park

springtime park

To create a drawing based on ‘Springtime Park,’ depict a vibrant park scene with a clear sky and lush greenery. Position a joyful family of cartoon-style characters in the center, with the parents and children jumping and expressing happiness. Above them, draw colorful Easter eggs suspended mid-air, and a cheerful bee flying by. Surround the family with a variety of blooming flowers and patterned Easter eggs nestled in the grass.


And there you have it folks! a basketful of Easter drawing ideas that are more fun than finding the golden egg in an Easter egg hunt. We hope these ideas inspire your kids to create art that’s as bright and joyful as Easter morning itself. Remember, the only thing better than chocolate bunnies this season is a gallery of their own Easter masterpieces. So, keep those pencils hopping and who knows, maybe next year, we’ll be drawing the Easter Bunny wearing sunglasses, because our art is just that cool. Happy drawing, and may your Easter be filled with joy, creativity, and a few good chuckles!


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