18 Easy And Fun St. Patrick’s Day Drawing Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than unleashing your little one’s creativity with some festive drawing? Forget chasing rainbows for a pot of gold; we’ve got something better! Our Patrick’s Day drawing ideas are the perfect way to bring a bit of Irish luck and laughter into your home. From sheep with shamrock wools to leprechaun’s boots mysteriously standing alone – these ideas are so fun, they might just turn your milk green! So, grab those crayons, and let’s add a splash of green to your day!

Raindrops and Clovers

raindrops and clovers

Start with a quirky umbrella topped with a classic leprechaun hat. Surround your umbrella with playful clovers and colorful raindrops in a variety of sizes. Give your raindrops a bit of sparkle and your clovers a twist of fun. Remember, the more colors and joy you add, the more luck you might just attract!

Leprechaun’s Cauldron

leprechaun's cauldron

To capture this festive St. Patrick’s Day scene, start by drawing a beaming leprechaun with a big, friendly smile and a traditional hat adorned with a clover. Next to him, illustrate a large, bubbling cauldron filled to the brim with shimmering treasure. Dot the background with floating clovers to highlight the magic of the day. Use vibrant greens to bring your leprechaun and his lucky cauldron to life!

Irish Setter Dog

irish setter dog

To bring this St. Patrick’s Day scene to life, draw a cheerful Irish Setter wearing a festive green hat and a collar with a clover charm. Position the dog front and center, with its paws outstretched, and a warm, welcoming smile on its face. Surround your friendly pup with a flurry of clovers and place a bold banner below saying “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.” Use bright, joyful colors to give your drawing a festive feel!

Emerald Isle

emerald isle

Craft a whimsical representation of the Emerald Isle by drawing a grinning, green profile shaped like Ireland, complete with a jaunty leprechaun hat perched on top. Dot the surroundings with tiny shamrocks for good luck and add a touch of golden sparkle to give your illustration a magical feel. Use various shades of green to emphasize the lushness of this charming island celebration.

Sheep with Shamrocks

sheep with shamrocks

To capture this adorable St. Patrick’s Day motif, draw a fluffy sheep with a twinkle in its eyes and a friendly smile. Adorn its wool with small shamrock patterns and top it with a classic leprechaun hat. Surround your sheep with floating clover leaves and add the greeting “Happy” above to spread festive cheer. Use soft textures and lively greens to make your shamrock sheep the star of St. Patrick’s Day!

Irish Fairy

irish fairy

To bring this enchanting St. Patrick’s Day scene to life, draw a charming child with a joyous expression, dressed in a green suit with a bowtie and topped with a tiny leprechaun hat. Add delicate fairy wings patterned with clover leaves to the back, and scatter more clovers around for a magical touch. Complete your drawing with a warm “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” greeting below this Irish fairy. Use a palette of vibrant greens to capture the spirit of the day!

Leprechaun’s Boots

leprechaun's boots

To capture this playful St. Patrick’s Day theme, illustrate a pair of vibrant green boots with smiling faces, each adorned with a shiny buckle. Rest a jaunty leprechaun hat atop one boot. Behind them, add an arching rainbow bursting with color. Accent the scene with whimsical clovers and a few sparkles to evoke the magic of leprechaun lore. Let your colors be bold and bright to reflect the festive energy!

Shamrock Balloons

shamrock balloons

To create this charming St. Patrick’s Day drawing, depict a joyful character holding a bundle of balloons, with one prominent shamrock-shaped balloon. Ensure the character’s hair is accented with a clover leaf, and their cheeks are rosy with excitement. Scatter some festive stars around to enhance the celebratory mood. Use a pastel color palette with pops of green to make the shamrock details stand out.

Irish Cottage

irish cottage

Envision a quaint Irish cottage with ivy and shamrocks adorning its walls and roof. Place a whimsical leprechaun hat atop the chimney to add a touch of St. Patrick’s Day magic. Flank the doorway with barrels overflowing with greenery, and infuse the scene with more clovers to create a lush environment. Above the cottage, inscribe “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” to complete your festive artwork, painting everything in vibrant shades of green.

Rainbow Bridge

rainbow bridge

Picture a vibrant rainbow arching over a stone bridge, grinning widely under a leprechaun hat. On either side of the bridge, sketch lush trees and a river flowing beneath. Include pots of gold at the ends of the rainbow and scatter shamrocks for an added touch of luck. Dazzle the scene with starry sparkles to capture the enchanting spirit of St. Patrick’s Day in your colorful creation.

Shamrock Clouds

shamrock clouds

Imagine a large, cheerful shamrock taking center stage, with a cute expression and a blushing smile. Surround it with fluffy clouds, each one smiling back as if they’re part of a sky-high conversation. Sprinkle the sky with small, twinkling stars to give your scene a magical, festive ambiance. Use soft pastel tones to paint a gentle, dreamy atmosphere, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish Teapot

irish teapot

To create this festive Irish teapot, begin with a rounded teapot shape, decorating it with a pattern of clovers. Add a joyful face in the center for a touch of charm. Crown your teapot with a leprechaun hat for a nod to St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t forget to draw a matching cup to complete the set. Choose various shades of green to fill in your drawing, making it a cheerful tribute to Irish tradition.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

st. patrick's day parade

Imagine a scene bustling with the joy of a St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Draw a group of leprechauns in green attire, some with musical instruments, a flag, and a parade float shaped like a pot of gold. Above them, sketch a smiling sun and a rainbow. Adorn the sky with clouds, stars, and musical notes to reflect a celebratory atmosphere. Use bright, festive colors to infuse your parade with the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish Flag Heart

irish flag heart

To create this festive illustration, envision a heart in the colors of the Irish flag: green, white, and orange. Give the heart a cheerful face and top it with a leprechaun hat for a whimsical touch. Place the phrase “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” beneath your drawing, ensuring it captures the warmth and fun of the holiday. Select a bold and joyful color scheme to make your heart stand out.

Shamrock Tree

shamrock tree

For a St. Patrick’s Day inspired scene, draw a character with a beaming smile, donning a traditional leprechaun hat. Next to the character, illustrate a tree whose canopy is shaped like a giant shamrock. Behind them, craft a vibrant rainbow that adds a splash of color to the backdrop. Embellish the surroundings with smaller shamrocks and sparkles to complete this lucky landscape. Use a bright color palette to convey the festive spirit.

Irish Musical Instruments

irish musical instruments

Imagine a round, jovial character holding a classic Irish harp to one side and a fiddle to the other. Top this merry figure with a leprechaun hat, and don’t forget to include shamrock accents on their outfit for that St. Patrick’s Day flair. Surround them with musical notes to show the melody in the air. Use a cheerful color scheme to reflect the festive mood of Irish music.

Leprechaun’s Beard

leprechaun's beard

Picture a friendly face framed by a lush, green beard decorated with clover accents. Above this cheerful visage, place a classic leprechaun hat, completing the festive look. Surround the character with a halo of smaller shamrocks to emphasize the St. Patrick’s Day theme. Underneath, add the greeting “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” in a jubilant script. Select shades of green that celebrate the Irish spirit.

Shamrock Sunglasses

shamrock sunglasses

For a fun St. Patrick’s Day twist, draw a round, cheerful face with glasses shaped like shamrocks. Crown the head with a stylish leprechaun hat tilted jauntily to one side. Add a few sparkles around the face to give a sense of festivity. Choose a lively shade of green to highlight the glasses and hat, making your shamrock sunglasses the focal point of this joyful celebration.


Well, there you have it! A treasure chest of St. Patrick’s Day drawing ideas that could make even a leprechaun jealous. We hope these ideas have inspired your little artists to create their own magical masterpieces. Remember, the only thing better than finding a four-leaf clover is spending time drawing with your loved ones. So, keep those crayons rolling, and who knows, you might just find a pot of gold at the end of your drawing rainbow. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and may your day be as bright and cheerful as your child’s artwork!


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