31 Easy Easter Egg Drawing Ideas

Hop into the spirit of Easter with a basketful of easy Easter egg drawing ideas! From the classic stripes to the wildly imaginative space themes, we’ve cracked open a collection that’s sure to egg-cite young artists of all ages. Get ready to turn your eggs into a canvas of creativity, and who knows, you might just find the next egg-casso!

Striped Egg

striped egg

Start with a smooth oval shape for your egg. Then, draw horizontal stripes across it, varying the colors as you go down. For the second stripe from the top, add a cute, simple face with dot eyes and a curved line for a mouth. Finish off by coloring each stripe in soft, pastel hues to bring your happy, striped Easter egg to life!

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Polka Dot Egg

polka dot egg

To create your cheerful polka dot egg, begin with an oval for the egg’s shape. Next, dot the surface with circles of various sizes and colors for a playful, confetti-like effect. For a charming touch, draw a large, friendly face in the center: two large circles for eyes and a small, curved line for a happy mouth. Finish with a light shadow at the base to give it a grounded appearance.

Chequered Egg

chequered egg

Begin with an oval shape for your egg. Inside, draw evenly spaced vertical and horizontal lines to create a grid. Alternate coloring the squares to achieve a chequered pattern, like a picnic blanket. Add a big-eyed, smiling face at the center with rosy cheeks for a dash of charm. Choose two shades of the same color for a harmonious checkered effect and a happy, festive look.

Floral Egg

floral egg

Create a simple oval for your egg’s outline. Scatter simple flowers across the egg’s surface, with five petals each and a contrasting center. Give your egg character by adding a joyful face with large circular eyes and a small, curved mouth. For a springtime touch, use a variety of pastel colors for the flowers, ensuring they stand out against the egg’s white background.

Star Egg

star egg

Sketch a smooth oval for your egg’s shape. On this canvas, draw various stars, some with five points and others more stylized, in soft white and pink hues against a pastel blue background. Add a cute, simple face with round eyes and a gentle smile at the center. To complete your starry egg, gently shade the bottom for a subtle 3D effect, making it look like it’s resting on a surface.

Heart Egg

heart egg

Draw an oval for the egg and populate it with heart shapes in various sizes and colors, like a shower of love. Place a joyful face near the center with large, sparkly eyes and a contented smile. Add a touch of whimsy with small stars around the hearts. Use a light blue to color the background of the egg, creating a soft contrast with the bright hearts and giving it an affectionate glow.

Rainbow Egg

rainbow egg

Create an oval and fill it with horizontal stripes in the colors of the rainbow, starting with red at the top and ending with purple at the bottom. Add a cute face in the center with closed, happy eyes and a warm smile. Don’t forget to draw tiny hands on the sides as if the egg is giving a snug hug. Sprinkle some playful dots and plus signs around to emulate a joyful sparkle.

Sunny Egg

sunny egg

For this sunny egg, draw an oval with a second, smaller oval inside for a yolk center. Color the yolk a bright yellow and surround it with lines to mimic sun rays, giving a glowing effect. Sketch a cheery face on the yolk with closed eyes and a gentle smile. Add a subtle shadow beneath to anchor your sunny egg in place, radiating warmth and joy.

Butterfly Egg

butterfly egg

To create this butterfly egg, draw an oval and add horizontal stripes in pastel shades. Sketch simple butterflies with small bodies and symmetrical wings atop the stripes. Place a cute face with large eyes and a happy smile in the center of the egg. Embellish the space around the butterflies with tiny stars to give the impression of a fluttering, magical ambiance.

Bee Egg

bee egg

Draw an oval and paint alternating horizontal stripes in yellow and black to resemble a bee. Add two playful wings on the sides and two antennae on the top. In the center, draw a cheerful face with big, sparkling eyes and a sweet smile. Dapple the black stripes with small white dots to mimic the fuzzy texture of a bee and complete your buzzing bee egg.

Animal Print Egg

animal print egg

Begin with an oval shape for your egg. Cover the surface with irregular brown patches to create a leopard or jaguar animal print effect. Between the spots, add smaller, lighter brown spots for depth. In the center of the egg, draw a pair of large, glistening eyes and a small, wavy mouth for a cute expression. Accent the cheeks with a touch of pink to bring your animal print egg to life.

Balloon Egg

balloon egg

Draw an oval for your egg, then fill it with overlapping circles of various colors to resemble a bunch of balloons. In the foreground, place a larger, pink circle with a delighted face, featuring sparkling eyes and a sweet smile. Add highlights to the balloons to give them a shiny, three-dimensional look. Embellish the surroundings with little stars to enhance the festive, buoyant atmosphere of your balloon egg.

Cloud and Rain Egg

cloud and rain egg

Sketch an oval shape for your egg, coloring it a light blue to represent the sky. At the top, draw a fluffy cloud spilling over the edge. From the cloud, draw several raindrops falling in varying sizes and add one or two in gold for a playful twist. Give your egg a joyful face with big, round eyes and a cute smile. Place a couple of small stars near the cloud to complete your weather-themed egg.

Wavy Pattern Egg

wavy pattern egg

To craft this wavy pattern egg, start with an oval shape. Draw horizontal, wavy lines across the egg, alternating colors for each wave to create a vibrant pattern. In the center, draw a cute face with two simple eyes and a curved line for a mouth. Keep the color palette soft and pastel to maintain a gentle, Easter-themed vibe. This whimsical design is sure to bring a wave of smiles!

Smiley Faces Egg

smiley faces egg

Craft an egg-shaped outline and divide it into several large sections, each section shaped like an individual egg. Color each one in different pastel tones, then adorn each with a unique smiling face, varying the expressions for a joyful crowd of mini eggs. Add a bit of shadow beneath each to create depth, making it seem like they’re cozily nested together within the larger egg shape.

Fruit Egg

fruit egg

To create a fruit-themed Easter egg, start with an oval outline. Inside, draw various fruit illustrations like strawberries, oranges, and stars for starfruits, evenly distributed. Color each fruit in its characteristic colors, leaving space for a cute face in the center with large, gleeful eyes and a cheerful smile. Add little star shapes and dots around the fruits to fill any gaps and enhance the festive, fruity feel of your egg.

Explorer more drawing ideas:

Garden Egg

garden egg

For a garden egg, sketch an oval and inside it, draw a variety of small flowers and leaves in a random pattern. Color the flowers in cheerful hues, and give your egg a happy face with a gentle smile and bright eyes. Draw a grassy base at the bottom and populate it with taller flowers and plants. Above the egg, add a smiling sun with rays to complete this sunny garden scene.

Fish Egg

fish egg

Begin with an oval for your egg, and color it in a soft, aquatic blue with white dots to represent bubbles. Draw several cute, round fish with fins and simple facial features around the egg. Use different shades for the fish to add variety and place a larger smiling face in the center of the egg. The contrasting colors and joyful expressions will give the impression of a playful underwater scene.

Alien Egg

alien egg

To create an ‘Alien Egg’, start with an oval shape for the body. Color it a soft, alien green, and add an ambient highlight to one side for dimension. For the face, draw two large, oval eyes with multiple circles inside to reflect light. Add a simple, curved smile below the eyes. Decorate the space around the egg with small stars and dots to give it a cosmic background.

Mountain Landscape Egg

mountain landscape egg

Draw an oval for your egg, then inside, paint a scene with two peaks for mountains, adding white at the tops for snow. Color the sky area with a warm pink hue and place a small, smiling sun above the peaks. Draw a cheerful face on the lower half of the mountains. Fill the base with green, adding pine trees and grass to complete your mountain landscape egg.

Geometric Shapes Egg

geometric shapes egg

To draw a geometric shapes Easter egg, start with an oval outline. Within this outline, section off areas and fill them with simple geometric shapes like circles, triangles, and squares in various colors. Add a small, charming face in the center with two large, round eyes and a smiling mouth. Sprinkle the background with a few circles to represent a playful, abstract environment for your geometric egg.

Space Egg

space egg

To draw a space-themed Easter egg, create an oval and fill the background with a deep blue. Add a crescent moon with a face, planets, and stars in various sizes and colors. In the center, draw two large, sparkling eyes and a small, content smile. Scatter small dots around as distant stars to complete the cosmic effect, giving life to your very own universe contained within the egg.

Sailboat Egg

sailboat egg

To draw a sailboat-themed Easter egg, sketch an oval and fill it with waves along the bottom half. Above the waves, draw small sailboat figures with triangular sails on masts and hulls. Color the sailboats in different shades for variety. In the center of the waves, place a cute face with large, round eyes and a simple, wavy smile. Add some fluffy cloud shapes above to complete your nautical scene.

Kite Egg

kite egg

To create a kite-themed Easter egg, draw an oval and color it in a light, creamy shade. Sketch several diamond shapes within the egg, resembling kites, in multiple colors. Add small cross lines inside each diamond to give the kites structure. For a playful touch, draw a happy face at the center with large eyes and a joyful smile. Place a few small circles around the kites to emulate a breezy sky.

Candy Egg

candy egg

To draw a candy-themed Easter egg, start with an oval shape. Inside the oval, draw various candy illustrations such as wrapped candies and lollipops with visible swirls. Use soft pastel colors to fill in the candies, creating a sweet and inviting look. Place a cute face with large, sparkling eyes and a happy smile at the center. Decorate the background with small hearts to enhance the festive candy theme.

Snowflake Egg

snowflake egg

To illustrate a snowflake-themed Easter egg, begin with an oval outline. Fill the background with a light blue color, and draw several detailed snowflakes of different sizes across the surface. Color the snowflakes a slightly darker blue for contrast. Add a charming face in the middle of the egg with large, round eyes and a sweet, curved smile. Apply a touch of pink to the cheeks to bring warmth to your chilly snowflake egg.

Music Notes Egg

music notes egg

For a music notes Easter egg, start with an oval and fill the top half with horizontal lines to create a staff. Sketch a variety of music notes on the staff. Color the bottom half in a lighter shade and draw a cheerful face with large eyes and a beaming smile. Add blush to the cheeks for a lively effect. Finally, scatter a few floating music notes around the egg to convey a melody in motion.

Peace Sign Egg

peace sign egg

Begin with an oval for your egg. In the center, draw a peace sign. Add a cute face beneath the sign with big, round eyes and a content smile. Color the egg with soft pastel shades, and surround your peace sign egg with small flowers, each with five petals and a center dot. The flowers should be evenly spaced to create a border of harmony and cheerfulness around the egg.

Sports Egg

sports egg

To design a sports-themed Easter egg, draw an oval and fill it with illustrations of various sports balls, such as basketballs, soccer balls, and others. Color them in their traditional colors—orange for basketballs, black and white for soccer balls. Add a playful face with large eyes and a smiling mouth at the center. Around the balls, sketch small stars to emphasize the dynamic and energetic theme of the egg.

Puzzle Pieces Egg

puzzle pieces egg

To create a puzzle pieces Easter egg, begin with an oval outline. Inside the oval, draw interlocking puzzle piece shapes, varying their sizes slightly for a more natural fit. Choose a soft color palette, such as light blue and pink, to fill in the pieces. In the center of your egg, sketch a happy face with round eyes and a curved smile. Add a few small shapes around the egg to mimic the appearance of a completed puzzle.

Explorer more drawing ideas:

Nature Egg

nature egg

To create a nature-themed Easter egg, draw two ovals. On one, depict a sunny day by placing a smiling sun in the center with rays extending outward, and add a few raindrops and a cloud. On the other, represent a rainy day with a cloud and colorful raindrops, and include a rainbow arc. Give both eggs cute faces with big eyes and smiles. Add small decorative dots and stars to fill the background space on each egg.


As we wrap up our egg-stravaganza of easy Easter egg drawing ideas, remember, the best part about these drawings isn’t just the fun you’ll have drawing them, but the laughter and memories you’ll create along the way. So, grab those markers and let your creativity hatch. After all, every great artist starts with a single egg, and who says it can’t be a decorated one?


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