16 Easy Four Leaf Clover Drawing

Ever wonder why four-leaf clovers are so hard to find? They’re busy hiding from all the drawing pencils eager to capture their unique charm! But fear not, little artists, because we’re about to embark on a magical journey into the world of easy four-leaf clover drawing ideas that are perfect for kids. From smiley faces to glittery leaves, we’ve got all the secrets to making your clovers stand out in the meadow of creativity. So grab your drawing tools, and let’s turn that luck around by creating our very own forest of four-leaf clovers!

Smiling Clover

smiling clover

Grab your favorite green marker to outline a plump, heart-shaped leaf four times, making a cross pattern where they all meet in the middle. Then, use a darker shade to trace around the edges for a bold look. Add a cute little stem at the bottom. Finally, give your clover character with two sparkling eyes and a cheerful smile, plus a hint of pink on the cheeks for a blushing effect. Voila, a happy, smiling clover!

Basic Four-Leaf Clover

basic four-leaf clover

Start with a simple line drawing, sketching four heart-shaped petals to form your clover, ensuring each one mirrors its neighbor for symmetry. Draw a slender stem curving down from the center. Then, give your clover personality by adding a cute face in the middle, with two bright eyes and a content smile. Embellish with small hearts and stars near the stem to sprinkle a touch of whimsy.

Clover with Dots

clover with dots

Choose pastel shades to draw four plump, dotted heart-shaped leaves joined at the center for your whimsical clover. Each leaf should be a different pastel color—pink, blue, yellow, and green, with contrasting dots sprinkled throughout. Sketch a simple stem and surround your clover with smaller clovers and stars in complementary colors for a playful, dotted wonderland. Give the large clover a friendly face to finish off your dotted delight.

Rainbow Clover

rainbow clover

Pick a vibrant palette and draw a clover with each leaf featuring stripes of the rainbow’s colors—red at the top, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Outline your clover for boldness. In the center, add a sweet face with sparkling eyes and a heartwarming smile. Scatter around smaller, colorful clovers with simple faces, completing your cheerful rainbow clover ensemble.

Clover with Stripes

clover with stripes

To create this striped clover, use light green and pink to draw diagonal stripes across four heart-shaped leaves, coming together at a central point with a short stem. Outline the clover in a darker shade for definition. Add an adorable face with large, round eyes and a whimsical expression. Accentuate your artwork with little pink stars around the clover for a touch of sparkle and magic.

Star Center Clover

star center clover

Craft a four-leaf clover with rounded edges and a cozy stem, using a vibrant green. In the center, where the leaves connect, place a cheerful yellow star. Draw the clover’s outline with a bold, contrasting line for pop. Give it personality with a pair of sparkling eyes and a gentle smile. Dot the space around with miniature stars for a celestial touch to your starry-centered clover.

Clover with a Ladybug

clover with a ladybug

To create this charming scene, draw a lush green four-leaf clover with heart-shaped leaves and soft white accents. Place a plump, red ladybug with black spots atop one leaf, ensuring it has a friendly face with big eyes and a smile. Scatter small pink flowers and hearts around the clover to emphasize its enchanting nature and the ladybug’s delightful visit.

Glittery Clover

glittery clover

Begin by coloring a four-leaf clover in shades of green with a soft shadow beneath for depth. Add a sprinkle of light green for a sparkling effect. Outline the clover in a darker green to make it stand out. For a touch of whimsy, draw a pair of large, gleeful eyes and rosy cheeks. Finish by dotting the background with an array of stars to capture the glittery essence of your clover.

Clover in the Grass

clover in the grass

Paint a large, vibrant green four-leaf clover with white highlights to give the leaves a dewy appearance. Draw a cute, expressive face with sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks in the center of the clover. Beneath it, sketch a varied line for the ground and fill it with short, vertical strokes to represent blades of grass. Scatter a few smaller clover shapes and stars around to complete the lush, grassy scene.

Clover with a Butterfly

clover with a butterfly

Craft a cheerful four-leaf clover with soft edges and a slender stem, coloring it a gentle green. On the top leaf, perch a playful blue butterfly with delicate wings. Give both the clover and butterfly-friendly faces, complete with big, adorable eyes and tiny smiles. Dot the background with small stars to enhance the whimsical atmosphere of this charming clover and butterfly duo.

Patchwork Clover

patchwork clover

Design a four-leaf clover divided into quarters, each with its own unique pattern—plaid, crosshatch, and solids. Color each segment with different hues for a vibrant patchwork effect. Outline the entire clover for definition and draw two charming faces with wide eyes and flushed cheeks on the bottom leaves. Embellish with bright stars at the tips of the upper leaves to capture the patchwork clover’s playful essence.

Clover with a Hat

clover with a hat

Draw a plump, green four-leaf clover with a jaunty, small green hat perched on top. Add white speckles across the leaves for a textured look. Sketch in a pair of big, sparkling eyes and a gentle, smiling mouth, with rosy cheeks for warmth. Outline the clover and hat for extra pop and charm, creating a character that’s ready for a festive occasion.

Clover with Sunglasses

clover with sunglasses

Illustrate a spirited four-leaf clover boasting a pair of oversized, stylish sunglasses. Add a playful wave with one leaf acting as a hand, giving a peace sign for a cool vibe. Sketch the clover’s stem, grounding it with a subtle shadow. Don’t forget to include the small white highlights on the sunglasses to reflect a sunny day, and scatter a few stars around for extra flair.

Clover with a Bow

clover with a bow

Draw a friendly four-leaf clover with a large, pink bow on the top leaf. Give the clover bright, sparkling eyes and a sweet smile, adding a touch of blush to its cheeks. Use a lively green for the clover, with a deeper green to accentuate the stem, creating a whimsical look. Surround your clover with small stars to capture its charming and enchanting character.

Clover in the Sun

clover in the sun

Craft a jolly four-leaf clover with a round, blushing face nestled in the center. Above the clover, draw a beaming sun with rays and a cheerful expression. Emphasize the clover’s outline with a bold stroke and add a few shiny highlights on the leaves for a sun-kissed look. Place twinkling stars around the duo to signify the brightness of a sunny day.

Clover with Hearts

clover with hearts

Draw a lush green four-leaf clover with each leaf filled with tiny pink hearts. Give your clover a charming face with large, expressive eyes and a warm smile. Add a few white sparkles to the leaves for a touch of whimsy. Surround your clover with floating pink hearts of various sizes to emphasize its loving and joyful nature.


And just like that, with a swish of our pencils and a dash of imagination, we’ve brought a whole garden of four-leaf clovers to life right before our eyes. Who knew that with a few simple strokes, we could unlock a treasure trove of luck and creativity? Remember, the true magic of drawing isn’t just in finding the perfect clover, it’s in the joy and laughter shared along the way. So, keep those pencils dancing, and who knows? Maybe the next leaf you draw will bring a little extra luck your way. Happy drawing, and may the forest of four-leaf clovers grow ever wider in your creative world!


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