18 Easy And Cute Leprechaun Drawing Ideas

Are you ready to embark on a magical drawing adventure with your little artists? We’ve got a pot of gold filled with whimsical leprechaun drawing ideas, perfect for sparking creativity in kids! Why did the leprechaun turn down a bowl of soup? Because he already had a ‘pot’ of gold! Whether your young ones are aspiring Picassos or just looking for some St. Patrick’s Day fun, these easy-to-follow ideas are like a four-leaf clover: rare, exciting, and sure to bring a smile!

Smiling Leprechaun

smiling leprechaun

Start with a round face and a beaming smile. Sketch a wide-brimmed, tall green hat on top, and don’t forget the buckle in the center. Add a thick, orange beard and rosy cheeks. Then, draw two sparkling eyes to bring your ‘Smiling Leprechaun’ to life. Finish off with a couple of shamrocks floating nearby for that extra touch of Irish luck!

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Leprechaun with a Pot of Gold

leprechaun with a pot of gold

Begin with a chubby-cheeked leprechaun with a joyous expression, clothed in a traditional green suit and matching top hat. Have him lean against a hefty pot overflowing with gold coins. Add a shamrock for a dash of charm. Ensure the pot is stout and shiny, hinting at the wealth within, and sprinkle some twinkling stars to suggest enchantment.

Rainbow Leprechaun

rainbow leprechaun

Capture a gleeful leprechaun lounging on a vibrant rainbow. Sketch his body with a snug, green outfit and boots to match, and top him with a jaunty hat. The rainbow arcs through fluffy clouds, and scattered shamrocks add to the whimsy. Ensure his face is full of wonder, and his pose suggests he’s sliding down the colorful bend into a sky-high adventure.

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Leprechaun Hat

leprechaun hat

Craft a charming character donning a large leprechaun hat, the hat dominating the frame. Illustrate a wide, friendly face beneath the brim, with round, sparkling eyes and rosy cheeks. The figure’s small body sits directly under the hat, hinting at a mischievous yet adorable personality. Dot the surroundings with tiny shamrocks and stars to highlight the magical nature of this wee little leprechaun.

Dancing Leprechaun

dancing leprechaun

Conjure up a lively leprechaun mid-dance, his foot kicked out and a hat cheerfully tossed in the air. His suit is a dapper green with a vest and bowtie, and his face is alight with joy. Accent the motion with swirly lines around the raised foot and hat, and scatter a few shamrocks to emphasize his Irish spirit. Make sure the pose captures the essence of a jig.

Leprechaun and Shamrock

leprechaun and shamrock

Picture a cheerful leprechaun lass, her hair a cascade of orange with a hint of green, holding aloft a giant shamrock. She’s dressed in a classic green suit, tailored with a feminine twist, and a hat adorned with a clover. Her stance is playful, on tiptoe, as if she’s dancing. Ensure her eyes sparkle with mischief and delight, embodying the spirit of good fortune.

Leprechaun Shoes

leprechaun shoes

Envision a pair of sturdy leprechaun boots, cloaked in green with vivid red lining and highlighted by gleaming gold buckles. The boots should have a cartoonish, bubbly appearance, giving off a vibe of whimsy and playfulness. Add some dynamic accents like a few clover leaves and sparkles around to suggest their magical nature. Give the soles a hint of thickness for a grounded, ready-to-jig look.

Leprechaun with a Beard

leprechaun with a beard

Picture a jovial leprechaun face with a windswept green hat and a fiery beard. The beard should be full and bushy, blending into rosy cheeks and a twinkle-eyed smile. For the hat, remember the classic black band and golden buckle. Surround the cheerful visage with floating shamrock leaves to evoke a sense of Irish charm and playful mischief.

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Happy Leprechaun

happy leprechaun

Imagine a delightful leprechaun with a beaming face and golden locks peeping from under a green hat adorned with a shamrock. Dress her in a classic leprechaun suit, complete with a belt and buckle. Her hands are poised mid-clap in joy, and one foot is slightly lifted, giving a sense of motion as if she’s about to dance. Add a little sparkle above the hat to show her happiness.

Leprechaun Fishing

leprechaun fishing

Create a serene scene with a contented leprechaun, seated and fishing. His outfit is a deep green with a clover-adorned hat resting atop his auburn beard. Position him with a fishing rod in hand, line dropping into a cauldron, as if he’s angling for gold. Beside him, include a pail brimming with shamrocks, symbolizing a bounty of luck.

Leprechaun with a Rainbow Hat

leprechaun with a rainbow hat

Visualize a leprechaun whose hat is as colorful as a freshly painted rainbow. Start with a cheerful face, adding a touch of blush to the cheeks for warmth. The hat should have clean, vibrant stripes, each hue distinct and bright. A clover is perched jauntily on the side of the hat. The body is small, allowing the hat to be the centerpiece of this whimsical character.

Leprechaun Playing a Flute

leprechaun playing a flute

Imagine a leprechaun merrily playing a flute, his foot tapping to the rhythm. His curly beard bounces with the melody, and his green suit is both elegant and festive. Don’t forget the classic hat, tilted back in his joy. Musical notes and shamrocks should float around him, symbolizing the enchanting tunes and Irish culture he represents.

Sleeping Leprechaun

sleeping leprechaun

Depict a leprechaun in peaceful slumber, nestled on a bed of shamrocks under a towering mushroom. His hat remains perched on his head, suggesting he’s drifted off unexpectedly. The red-capped mushroom provides shelter, adding a pop of color against the green. Gentle ‘Z’s float above him, while shamrocks encircle him, ensuring a nap wrapped in good luck and serenity.

Leprechaun and a Butterfly

leprechaun and a butterfly

Bring to life a sprightly leprechaun reaching out to a butterfly, mid-stride and full of curiosity. His attire is a sharp green suit and hat, classic to leprechaun lore. The butterfly, with wings spread, should mirror the leprechaun’s playfulness. Emphasize the motion in both the leprechaun’s joyful gait and the butterfly’s delicate flutter, creating a dynamic interaction between the two characters.

Leprechaun with a Walking Stick

leprechaun with a walking stick

Craft an image of a jovial leprechaun mid-stride, clutching a walking stick. He sports a wide-brimmed hat with a clover and a tailored green jacket. His cheeks are rosy, and his smile exudes warmth. The cane, an elegant curve of wood, complements his leisurely stroll. Ensure his eyes are gleeful, capturing the essence of a leprechaun on a merry jaunt.

Leprechaun with a Cauldron

leprechaun with a cauldron

Imagine a leprechaun peeking over a large cauldron, with a backdrop of a vivid rainbow. He wears a green suit and a hat embellished with a four-leaf clover. His hands are busy stirring a brew that sparkles with enchantment. The cauldron bubbles with a mystical potion, and twinkling stars suggest the magical process at work. His expression should be one of focused delight.

Leprechaun in the Rain

leprechaun in the rain

Portray a cheerful leprechaun holding a multicolored umbrella aloft, sheltering from a gentle rain. His green attire is complemented by a hat with a golden buckle. In his other hand, he carries a pot, not of gold, but blooming with flowers. Raindrops fall around, yet his contented smile and closed eyes suggest he’s enjoying the refreshing moment. Include a few shamrocks for good luck.

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Leprechaun and a Balloon

leprechaun and a balloon

Craft a scene with a leprechaun cheerfully clutching a balloon. His traditional green suit and hat are detailed with a bright buckle. His beard is neatly trimmed, and his eyes sparkle with joy. The balloon, tethered by a slender string, floats buoyantly, adding a playful aspect to the composition. His stance is grounded yet light, as if he could be lifted away by his green helium friend at any moment.


And there you have it, a rainbow of simple yet delightful leprechaun drawing ideas for your kiddos! Remember, every artist starts with a single scribble, and who knows, maybe one of these drawings might just be the lucky charm that inspires a lifelong love for art. So, grab those crayons and let the magical journey begin. After all, as the leprechauns say, ‘You’ve got to think about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, not just the rain!’


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