50 Simple & Easy Easter Bunny Drawing Ideas

Hop into creativity this Easter with our basketful of simple and easy Easter bunny drawing ideas, perfect for kids and kids-at-heart! From space-hopping bunnies to wizard bunnies casting spell-binding egg spells, we’ve got everything to keep your pencils hopping and your imaginations soaring. Who knew bunnies could skateboard or bake? Buckle up for an egg-citing adventure that promises more twists and turns than a bunny chase in a vegetable garden!

Sitting Bunny

sitting bunny

Begin by sketching a plump oval for the body and a circle for the head. Add two long ears reaching upwards and round cheeks for a cute touch. Draw small, curved front paws resting on its belly and a tiny tail at the back. Finish with large, expressive eyes and a tiny nose to bring your sitting Easter bunny to life.

Bunny in a Basket

bunny in a basket

Craft a cozy Easter scene by first drawing a woven basket, making sure to add texture for realism. Inside, nestle a plump bunny with oversized ears and a joyful expression. Surround your bunny with Easter eggs and a flourish of spring flowers, giving the impression of a festive Easter hideaway. Add sparkle with a few star accents to capture the holiday’s magic.

Carrot Love

carrot love

Capture the affection of an Easter bunny for its favorite snack! Sketch a round, cuddly bunny with large, expressive eyes and a sweet smile. Have the bunny embrace a large, detailed carrot with tender care. Embellish the scene with hearts and playful plus signs to symbolize the bunny’s love for its cherished carrot.

Bunny Balloon

bunny balloon

Imagine the joy of a balloon with a twist! Draw an oval for the balloon’s body, adding bunny ear shapes at the top. Give the balloon a cute bunny face with big, sparkling eyes and a tiny, heartwarming smile. For a finishing touch, doodle a string dangling from the bottom, making it a floating delight for any Easter celebration.

Egg Painter

egg painter

Create a scene with an Easter bunny as a tiny artist. Sketch a round-bodied bunny holding a paintbrush, with a palette of colorful Easter egg paints in the other paw. Beside the bunny, draw an almost complete, festively painted Easter egg, adding decorative patterns. Include a few hearts above to show the bunny’s love for the art of Easter egg painting.

Hoppy Bunny

hoppy bunny

To create your ‘Hoppy Bunny’, draw a dynamic, elongated oval body with a large round head for momentum. Add long, streamlined ears flowing back with the movement and little front paws reaching forward. Illustrate the back legs extended in a hopping action, and don’t forget a tiny, fluffy tail. Give your bunny wide, excited eyes and a cheerful expression to capture the thrill of the hop!

Flower Crown Bunny

flower crown bunny

To capture the essence of ‘Flower Crown Bunny’, start with a wide, round face and add tall, upright ears. Sketch in the eyes, nose, and whiskers to bring your bunny’s face to life. Crown the head with a delicate ring of small flowers and leaves to create a festive floral headpiece. Include a few hearts around to embody the bunny’s charm and the joy of spring.

Bunny and Chick Friends

bunny and chick friends

To draw ‘Bunny and Chick Friends’, start with a plump, seated bunny with tall, pointy ears and a round face. Beside it, add a small, fluffy chick with a rounded body and tiny wings. Give both characters bright, wide eyes and cheerful smiles to reflect their friendship. The simplicity in shapes makes this duo perfect for an adorable Easter scene.

Sleepy Bunny

sleepy bunny

Create the tranquil ‘Sleepy Bunny’ by drawing a relaxed, side-lying bunny with closed, contented eyes and a peaceful expression. Add long, floppy ears that lay back and a fluffy tail. Illustrate soft “Zzz” symbols and tiny stars to signify a deep, dreamy slumber. This serene bunny makes the perfect peaceful addition to any Easter-themed drawing collection.

Bunny Trail

bunny trail

To illustrate ‘Bunny Trail’, draw a cheerful bunny sitting upright next to two decorated Easter eggs. Connect the eggs with a whimsical trail of paw prints and little flowers, suggesting the path the bunny hopped along. Add a few sparkles and stars around the eggs to enhance the magical Easter journey vibe of the drawing.

Winking Bunny

winking bunny

To draw the playful ‘Winking Bunny’, start with a seated bunny featuring an oval body and a round head. Add long, perked-up ears and sketch one large eye open and the other eye as a cheerful wink. Include a few whiskers and a cute, twitching nose to give character. Draw the bunny’s paws tucked in close, finishing with a wink and a smile to spread Easter joy.

Butterfly Bunny

butterfly bunny

For a ‘Butterfly Bunny’, begin with a sweet-faced bunny, adding long ears and a round body. Sketch in the eyes, nose, and a little smile, then place a dainty bow at the neck. Draw large, patterned butterfly wings sprouting from its back, infusing the bunny with a fantastical charm. Embellish with sparkles to highlight the magical crossover of a bunny with the gentle grace of a butterfly.

Bunny Ears Hat

bunny ears hat

To create the ‘Bunny Ears Hat’, draw a girl with a cheerful expression, large, sparkly eyes, and a sweet smile. Sketch her hair framing her face and resting on her shoulders. Then, draw a hat with long, floppy bunny ears atop her head. Add a few decorative stars and hearts around her to convey her festive Easter spirit.

Moon Bunny

moon bunny

For the ‘Moon Bunny’, draw a crescent moon with a textured surface. Perch a chubby bunny with long ears atop the moon, ensuring it has a round body and a contented facial expression. Give the bunny large, gleaming eyes and a tiny nose. Surround the moon and bunny with twinkling stars to create a celestial scene that’s out of this world.

Puzzle Bunny

puzzle bunny

To create ‘Puzzle Bunny’, depict a round, joyful bunny sitting and holding a puzzle piece. Sketch the bunny’s large, floppy ears and a sweet, inviting smile. Dress the bunny in a patterned outfit and scatter variously colored puzzle pieces around it, giving the impression of a playful, puzzle-solving scene. Add some decorative splashes and sparkles to convey the fun of the activity.

Rainy Day Bunny

rainy day bunny

To illustrate ‘Rainy Day Bunny’, sketch a bunny with oversized, droopy ears and large, expressive eyes, giving it a tender look. Dress the bunny in a raincoat and boots, and have it holding an umbrella aloft. Add falling raindrops around the bunny, and draw a puddle at its feet to complete the rainy day atmosphere.

Bunny Family

bunny family

To depict ‘Bunny Family’, start with two larger bunnies sitting side by side, with long ears and round bodies. Then, draw smaller bunnies, each a miniature version of the adults, sitting in front. Give all the bunnies big, loving eyes and tiny smiles. Scatter a few hearts and stars around them to express the warmth and affection within the bunny family.

Bunny Angel

bunny angel

To draw ‘Bunny Angel’, sketch a cute bunny with a round face and long ears. Add a halo floating above its head and draw two small, feathery wings on its back. Give your bunny angel large, sparkling eyes and a gentle smile. Include twinkling stars around it to emphasize its celestial charm and angelic nature.

Bunny in a Flower Pot

bunny in a flower pot

For ‘Bunny in a Flower Pot’, draw a small, plump bunny with large, perky ears peeking out of a flower pot. Sketch the pot underneath, adding some texture to indicate the clay material. Surround the bunny and pot with an array of flowers in full bloom, adding leaves and petals for a lush look. Finish with decorative stars to give it a magical, garden-like feel.

Sporty Bunny

sporty bunny

To create ‘Sporty Bunny’, draw a bunny with a sturdy, athletic stance, holding a basketball. Outfit your bunny in a sporty jersey and a headband with bold stripes. Make sure to capture the bunny’s enthusiastic expression and add some cheek blush for liveliness. Embellish the scene with little stars to show the bunny’s energetic vibe.

Bunny Chef

bunny chef

For ‘Bunny Chef’, sketch a bunny with floppy ears and a large, round face. Don a chef’s hat on its head and a little apron around its body. Place a bowl and a whisk next to the bunny, indicating its cooking activity. Draw the bunny’s paws as if it’s about to mix ingredients, and add a few sparkles to show the joy of culinary creation.

Magic Hat Bunny

magic hat bunny

For ‘Magic Hat Bunny’, draw a wide-brimmed magician’s hat with a band around the base. Then, sketch a cute bunny emerging from the hat, with only its head and front paws visible. The bunny should have large, expressive eyes and a happy smile. Add decorative stars and sparkles around the hat to give it an enchanting, magical atmosphere.

Pirate Bunny

pirate bunny

To create ‘Pirate Bunny’, start with a fluffy bunny wearing an eye patch and a pirate hat adorned with a skull and crossbones. Draw the bunny sitting next to a treasure chest overflowing with colorful Easter eggs. Sketch the bunny with one paw on the chest as if guarding its loot. Surround the scene with little stars to add a touch of swashbuckling charm.

Superhero Bunny

superhero bunny

To draw ‘Superhero Bunny’, depict a bunny standing heroically with a cape fluttering behind it. Equip the bunny with a superhero outfit, complete with a symbol on the chest. Sketch tall, upright ears, and a confident, endearing expression on the bunny’s face. Add twinkling stars around to emphasize its superpowers and the dynamic energy of a bunny ready to hop into action.

Bunny with Glasses

bunny with glasses

For ‘Bunny with Glasses’, sketch an intelligent-looking bunny with large, round glasses. Have the bunny holding an open book, with its small paws visible at the bottom. Give the bunny tall, attentive ears and a focused expression, as if deeply engrossed in reading. Include a few sparkles around the bunny to suggest a sense of wonder and discovery.

Fishing Bunny

fishing bunny

To sketch ‘Fishing Bunny’, draw a seated bunny with a fishing rod, its paws gripping the handle. Add long, upright ears and a happy, peaceful facial expression. On the fishing line, draw a small, whimsical fish at the end as the catch. Surround the bunny with a few water ripples and sparkles to depict the serene fishing environment.

Bunny on a Scooter

bunny on a scooter

To draw ‘Bunny on a Scooter’, start with a bunny standing on a two-wheeled scooter, holding onto the handlebars. Sketch the bunny’s body with a slight lean forward to show movement. Give the bunny large, eager eyes and a joyful smile. Add motion lines behind the scooter to emphasize speed and a playful dust cloud at the back wheel for a dynamic feel.

Gardening Bunny

gardening bunny

For ‘Gardening Bunny’, depict a bunny in a kneeling position, engaged in planting. Adorn the bunny with a wide-brimmed gardening hat. Give it tools like a trowel in one paw, and show a small plant being placed in the soil. Include gardening elements like a carrot, flowers, and a watering can to set the scene. Add a touch of blush to the cheeks for a wholesome, outdoor activity look.

Flying Kite Bunny

flying kite bunny

To capture ‘Flying Kite Bunny’, sketch a joyful bunny with one paw outstretched holding the string of a kite. Craft the kite in a diamond shape with a colorful pattern and a tail that swirls in the wind. Illustrate the bunny’s other paw as if it’s reaching to control the kite. Add a few fluttering butterflies and wind swirls to convey a breezy, playful day.

Bunny with Balloons

bunny with balloons

For ‘Bunny with Balloons’, draw a standing bunny with one paw clutching the strings of a bunch of balloons. Each balloon should be round and full, with soft, pastel colors. Ensure the bunny has large, happy eyes and a warm smile. Add a few simple flowers and playful splashes around to create a festive and joyful atmosphere.

Detective Bunny

detective bunny

To create ‘Detective Bunny’, draw a bunny wearing a detective’s cap and a coat. Position one of its paws holding a magnifying glass over a set of colorful Easter eggs as if examining them closely. Ensure the bunny has a focused expression with one eye slightly squinting through the glass. Add some sparkles to convey the discovery of clues.

Bunny in a Hat

bunny in a hat

For ‘Bunny in a Hat’, draw an oversized magician’s hat with a wide brim. Within the opening of the hat, sketch a cute bunny popping out, ensuring only the head and front paws are visible. Give the bunny big, sparkling eyes and a happy expression. Add twinkling stars around the hat to enhance the magical, whimsical effect of the surprise appearance.

Bunny Shadow

bunny shadow

To capture ‘Bunny Shadow’, start by drawing a charming bunny standing upright. Give it long ears, big, bright eyes, and a sweet expression. Then, behind the bunny, draw a solid silhouette of the bunny’s shape to represent its shadow. Add a few twinkling stars around the bunny to suggest a playful or magical context where the shadow comes to life.

Bunny and Easter Eggs

bunny and easter eggs

To illustrate ‘Bunny and Easter Eggs’, draw a round-faced bunny with large, perky ears peeking out from behind a collection of decorated Easter eggs. Make sure the bunny has big, sparkling eyes and a gentle, smiling expression. Surround the bunny with eggs, each featuring different patterns and pastel colors. Add small flowers and sparkles to the background for a festive touch.

Bunny with a Kite

bunny with a kite

To sketch ‘Bunny with a Kite’, create a seated bunny wrapped in a cozy scarf with one paw extended, holding a kite string. Draw the kite aloft with vibrant colors and patterns. Give the bunny soft, round cheeks and large, expressive eyes looking up at its kite. Add a few stylized wind lines and sparkles to convey the playful breeze and the joy of kite-flying.

Bunny in a Carrot Car

bunny in a carrot car

To draw ‘Bunny in a Carrot Car’, create a carrot-shaped car with wheels, adding details like lines for the carrot texture. Place a happy bunny in the driver’s seat with its paws on the steering wheel. Ensure the bunny has long ears poking out of the car and a joyful facial expression. Add motion lines behind the car to show speed and a little leafy green top at the rear to complete the carrot look.

Bunny Making a Snowbunny

bunny making a snowbunny

To draw ‘Bunny Making a Snowbunny’, depict a larger bunny sitting and sculpting a smaller snow version of itself. The snowbunny should have typical features like a carrot nose and coal eyes. Show the larger bunny with a tender, nurturing expression, as it places the final touches. Add some snowflakes and sparkle effects around them to emphasize the wintery, creative setting.

Bunny with a Backpack

bunny with a backpack

To draw ‘Bunny with a Backpack’, sketch a bunny standing upright, with a large backpack strapped to its back. The backpack should be detailed with pockets and a rolled-up sleeping pad attached. Make the bunny’s ears long and upright, with a curious and excited expression on its face. Add a few motion lines next to the bunny to show eagerness for adventure.

Bunny Blowing Bubbles

bunny blowing bubbles

For ‘Bunny Blowing Bubbles’, draw a seated bunny with a bubble wand in its paw, close to its mouth as if it’s just blown a stream of bubbles. Sketch various sizes of bubbles floating around with shimmer and reflection details to show transparency. Give the bunny a joyful, playful expression with cheeks puffed, and the tongue playfully sticking out. Add some small flowers and sparkles to enhance the whimsical effect.

Bunny Star Gazer

bunny star gazer

To create ‘Bunny Star Gazer’, start with a bunny lying on its belly, gazing upward. Position the ears alert and slightly asymmetrical, hinting at attentiveness. Sketch large, expressive eyes with twinkling stars reflected in them. Surround the bunny with a soft grassy texture and scatter various stars above to give the impression of a clear, starry sky. The bunny’s posture should convey a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Eco-Friendly Easter Bunny

eco-friendly easter bunny

To draw the ‘Eco-Friendly Easter Bunny’, start with a bunny standing upright, wearing a casual apron. Add a recycling symbol on a bin beside it. Sketch a young tree and a sprout in pots, symbolizing growth. Give the bunny a spade and a gentle, caring expression. Accentuate with sparkles and recycling icons to emphasize the theme of sustainability and care for nature.

Easter Bunny in Space

easter bunny in space

Begin with a circular helmet to encase the bunny’s head, adding reflection details for a glass effect. Sketch the bunny’s face inside, with large expressive eyes and a tiny nose. Draw a spacesuit body with simplistic detail for controls. Surround with varied planets and stars to create a cosmic atmosphere, using pastel shades and playful shapes for a whimsical, friendly space scene.

Easter Bunny Photographer

easter bunny photographer

Craft a large-headed bunny with oversized ears drooping outward; the inner ears should have a hint of pink. Sketch the face with two large, glistening eyes and a small, heart-shaped nose. The bunny’s paws gently embrace a vintage camera, with attention to the lens and dials for authenticity. Include small stars and hearts around the bunny to indicate a cheerful mood, ideal for a playful Easter drawing.

Easter Bunny Baker

easter bunny baker

Begin with a bunny in a baker’s outfit, including a puffy chef’s hat. Draw the face with a joyful expression, a protruding tongue, and a sparkle in the eyes. Position one paw on a decorated cupcake with a small carrot motif on top. The other paw holds a bunch of carrots, detailed with leafy tops. Use bold lines to create a dynamic, cartoonish feel, and sprinkle in some stars to show the bunny’s delight in baking.

Easter Bunny on a Skateboard

easter bunny on a skateboard

Create a bunny in mid-air, angled slightly to the side, with its ears flowing backward. Sketch the limbs splayed out for balance, one paw touching a colorful skateboard in the midst of a trick. Illustrate the board with a vibrant pattern and wheels in motion. Surround the character with small stars to emphasize the dynamic action. Capture a playful expression on the bunny’s face to convey a sense of joy and motion.

Easter Bunny and the Rainbow Egg

easter bunny and the rainbow egg

Begin by drawing an upright bunny with large, expressive eyes and a tiny mouth. Make sure its paws are together in front as if showing off something precious. Next to the bunny, illustrate an oversized Easter egg, decorated with horizontal rainbow stripes. Add small stars and hearts around both the bunny and the egg to convey a magical or festive atmosphere. The background should be minimal, just a few grass details to ground the scene.

Easter Bunny Librarian

easter bunny librarian

To draw this Easter Bunny Librarian, sketch a plump bunny with oversized, round glasses perched on its nose, and large ears standing upright. Position the bunny seated comfortably on an armchair, engrossed in an open book held in its paws. Behind it, draw a bookshelf filled with various books, ensuring the shelves reach beyond the bunny to suggest a library setting. Include fine lines to suggest the softness of the fur and the plushness of the armchair.

Easter Bunny Musician

easter bunny musician

To draw the Easter Bunny Musician, start with a seated, chubby bunny holding a guitar. The bunny should have large, pointed ears and big, expressive eyes. Draw the guitar proportionate to the bunny, with attention to the strings and wood texture. Surround the bunny with floating musical notes and hearts to show its love for music. Keep the lines soft and rounded to enhance the character’s friendly and musical vibe.

Easter Bunny Archaeologist

easter bunny archaeologist

To draw the Easter Bunny Archaeologist, create a seated bunny with a smart jacket and tie. Include a magnifying glass in one paw, and sketch a variety of decorated eggs around it, some partially buried. Add detail with little stars around the bunny to signify excitement and discovery. Finish with a textured ground to set the scene of an archaeological dig.

Easter Bunny Wizard

easter bunny wizard

To draw the Easter Bunny Wizard, sketch a chubby bunny with prominent ears, wearing an oversized wizard hat adorned with a bow. Dress it in a flowing wizard’s robe tied with a bow at the neck. Have it holding a wand casting a spell, with bubbles and stars emanating from the wand’s tip to represent magical energy. Add a cheeky, wise expression to the bunny’s face to complete the mystical look.


And there you have it, folks—a warren full of unique and easy Easter bunny drawing ideas that are sure to crack open your little ones’ creativity like a chocolate egg on Easter morning. Whether your bunnies ended up planting trees or exploring outer space, we hope you found joy in every stroke and giggle in every line. Remember, in the world of art, every bunny’s a winner, and the only thing better than drawing is drawing together. Keep those pencils hopping, and who knows what creative adventures await next!


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