Can Your Kid Draw These 35 Adorable Christmas Drawing Ideas From This Video? Try Now!

Ho ho ho! Ready to sleigh the art game with some cute and easy Christmas drawing ideas for kids? Grab your pencils and let’s dash away into a world where reindeer wear sunglasses and snowmen love beach vacations. Whether your little artists have been naughty or nice with their drawing skills, these ideas are cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.

Get ready to jingle all the way through a winter wonderland of creativity, where every drawing is more fun than finding the hidden pickle in the Christmas tree. Let’s make some merry masterpieces that even Santa can’t resist!

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The Most Popular Drawing Idea On Pinterest: Ice Skating Penguin

ice skating penguin

This is the most popular Christmas drawing idea on Pinterest and I can see why!

Look at this confident penguin that’s enjoying itself while skating and wearing a Christmas hat and scarf. It represents the real spirit of winter in general and Christmas in particular.

Here’s how to draw it:

  1. Begin by drawing a round-bodied penguin with a white belly and a smiling face.
  2. Place a Santa hat on its head and wrap a striped scarf around its neck.
  3. Sketch the penguin standing on ice skates, with one wing extended for balance.
  4. Add motion lines to show the grace of skating.
  5. Surround the penguin with a few glistening ice sparkles to emphasize the chilly, festive setting of your adorable Christmas drawing.

And that’s how you get this adorable Ice Skating Penguin drawing!

The Second Most Popular Idea On Pinterest: A Snowy Mountain Scene with a Starry Sky

a snowy mountain scene with a starry sky

This is the second most popular Christmas drawing idea on Pinterest. I think it gained popularity due its black and white nature that makes it easy to do coloring. Also, the unusually shaped stars definitely attract attention.

To depict this tranquil Christmas scene, follow these steps:

  1. Draw a range of snow-capped mountains with varying heights.
  2. Include pine trees of different sizes to create depth, with snow settling on their branches.
  3. In the foreground, sketch gentle snowdrifts and a small snowman for a whimsical touch.
  4. Above the landscape, illustrate a clear starry sky with a prominent, bright star shining overhead, adding to the peacefulness of a crisp, winter night.

And here you go! After drawing it, go ahead and color it with the colors of your choice. Try something unusual, some colors that are not typically Christmas or wintery for an unusual touch!

The Funniest Christmas Drawing Idea: Christmas Pickle

christmas pickle

I love this idea! I find it very funny. But where does this idea of Christmas Pickle come from?

The Christmas pickle is a quirky tradition that is believed to be originated in Germany (however, it’s not that simple). It involves hiding a pickle ornament in the Christmas tree, and the person who finds it first receives good luck and an extra gift. It’s unclear exactly why the tradition started, but it adds a fun twist to the holiday festivities!

Here’s how you draw your own Christmas Pickle:

  1. Draw a classic Christmas tree with a wide base and narrowing towards the top.
  2. Add a star on the summit and fill the branches with various colored baubles.
  3. In the center of the tree, discreetly sketch a green pickle ornament, giving it just enough detail to stand out yet blend in with the other decorations.
  4. Place the tree in a simple pot and add a few sparkles around it to finish your festive drawing with a playful touch.

Now you have it!

Christmas Cat with a Santa Hat

christmas cat with a santa hat

Begin with a small, round face to create a cute cat. Add large, expressive eyes and a tiny nose. Sketch a tiny Santa hat on the cat’s head, ensuring it looks snug and festive. Beneath the cat, draw its body sitting neatly. Beside the cat, illustrate a few wrapped gifts with bows to emphasize the holiday spirit. Add details like stripes on the cat or patterns on the gifts to complete your adorable Christmas drawing.

A Slice of Fruitcake

a slice of fruitcake

Start with a rounded rectangular base for the cake slice, and add vertical lines inside to depict the cake’s texture. Draw a dripping icing layer on top. Above the icing, place various colorful candied fruits, like cherries, citrus slices, and berries. Ensure they look bright and shiny to give a festive appearance. Add small decorative stars around the fruits to enhance the Christmas theme of your delightful drawing.

Festive Christmas Cupcake

festive christmas cupcake

To draw this festive cupcake, start with a fluted liner for the base. Above it, sketch a swirl of white frosting. On top of the frosting, add a layer of green icing shaped like a Christmas tree, complete with small red baubles and a star on top. Tuck a small candy cane into the side of the frosting, and finish by sprinkling a few snowflake shapes around the cupcake to capture the holiday cheer.

Sled with Gifts

sled with gifts

Begin with a classic wooden sled, drawing its curved runners and a flat top. On this base, pile variously sized and shaped gifts, each wrapped in different patterns and colors. Add ribbons and bows to the gifts for a festive touch. Make sure the stack looks full and abundant, suggesting a bounty of presents. Give the entire drawing a cheerful sparkle with a few star shapes to imply a magical holiday spirit.

Snowy Christmas Tree Scene

snowy christmas tree scene

To draw this winter scene, sketch a large Christmas tree in the center with snow-covered branches and a star on top. Surround the tree with smaller pine trees to create a forest feel. Beneath the tree, add a collection of cute forest animals like a deer, bear, and bunnies with subtle snowflakes falling around them. Include a snowy ground and a bright sun in the background to complete this charming snowy Christmas setting.

Ice Skating Shoes

ice skating shoes

Draw a single ice skate with a detailed pattern on the boot and festive, brightly colored laces. Illustrate the metal blade attached to the bottom. Behind the skate, depict a simple ice rink, and add small pine trees adorned with decorations in the distance. Include snowflakes and stars in the sky to convey a cheerful, wintry atmosphere. Make the background colors soft to contrast with the vibrant skate for a joyful Christmas drawing.

Snow-covered Pine Tree

snow-covered pine tree

Begin with a triangular shape for the pine tree, adding layers to represent branches. Decorate each layer with snowflake patterns and top the tree with a star. Draw a few pine cones hanging between the branches, adding small details for texture. Surround the tree with falling snowflakes of different sizes and shapes to create a snowy scene. Finally, sketch some fir boughs at the base to ground the tree in its wintry setting.

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

a partridge in a pear tree

Start by drawing a plump, cute partridge with a Santa hat perched on a branch. Sketch a tree around the bird, with leaves and round fruits to represent pears. Make sure the pears are hanging at various points from the branches. Add a festive touch by including small baubles among the leaves. Sprinkle some snowflakes around to give the scene a cozy Christmas feel, referencing the well-known holiday song.

Hot Chocolate Mug

hot chocolate mug

Sketch a tall, striped mug filled with hot chocolate. Add several small circles at the top to represent marshmallows. Insert a peppermint stick with a curved end into the mug, allowing it to peek out. Draw steam rising from the mug to show warmth. Scatter a few more marshmallows and peppermint candies around the base of the mug. Include a sprig of holly for a festive touch to complete your cozy Christmas drawing.

A Christmas Mouse

a christmas mouse

To draw this cheerful scene, start with a large-eared mouse wearing a festive Santa hat. Position the mouse so it appears to be peeking out from behind a brightly colored gift box, with its paws on the box as if it’s just been caught in a moment of surprise. Ensure the gift has a bold ribbon and bow for a cheerful contrast. Add some sparkle or hearts around the mouse to enhance the festive mood.

Festive Llama with Ornaments

festive llama with ornaments

Draw a fluffy llama with large, sparkling eyes and a sweet expression. Adorn its ears with small Christmas ornaments hanging like earrings. Wrap a striped scarf around the llama’s neck for a cozy look. Add a decorative holly or flower on its head to bring in more holiday cheer. Surround the llama with twinkling stars and a few more floating ornaments to create a festive atmosphere.

Christmas Pudding

christmas pudding

Sketch a round, domed Christmas pudding with a textured surface to show its richness. Drizzle white icing over the top to mimic a sweet sauce cascading down the sides. Place two red holly berries and a pair of green leaves on top for a classic decoration. Add a few small festive stars around the pudding to convey the holiday sparkle and enhance the Christmas theme of your drawing.

A Toy Soldier

a toy soldier

To create this drawing, sketch a toy soldier with a tall, decorative hat and a friendly face. Include details like buttons on the jacket, a belt at the waist, and boots. Give the soldier a spear to hold at attention. While this image is in grayscale, imagine the soldier in bright, festive colors: reds, greens, and golds. Add a touch of Christmas sparkle with stars or snowflakes around the soldier to complete your cheerful holiday drawing.

Christmas Fireplace

christmas fireplace

Start by drawing a sturdy fireplace with a mantel draped in garland and Christmas ornaments. Sketch stockings of varying designs hanging from the mantel. In the hearth, draw a roaring fire with curved lines for flames, adding smaller logs beneath to support it. Place a few wrapped gifts on the hearthside. Finish by drawing the surrounding décor like potted plants or more garland, and add a few festive stars to enhance the holiday ambiance.

A Festive Owl

a festive owl

To draw this festive owl, start with a round body and add large, captivating eyes. Top the owl with a Santa hat, complete with a fluffy rim and pom-pom. Sketch the owl perched on a sturdy branch, and adorn the scene with falling snowflakes of various sizes and designs. Include small holly or berries around the owl to emphasize the holiday theme. Use bright colors to bring your Christmas owl to life in a whimsical winter setting.

A Snowy Cottage

a snowy cottage

Begin with a small, charming cottage, adding a textured, snow-covered roof and a chimney with smoke curling upwards. Detail the windows with visible warm light and a wreath on the door to convey a cozy atmosphere. Sketch pine trees on either side of the cottage with snow on their branches. Finally, include gently falling snowflakes in the background to complete this picturesque winter scene, perfect for a Christmas drawing.

A Wrapped Candy

a wrapped candy

Create a whimsical drawing by sketching a round, wrapped candy with a cheerful face. Use bright, festive colors for the candy’s wrappers, like red and green, with small white accents to suggest a shiny surface. Add twists at both ends of the candy to resemble traditional candy wrapping. Surround it with little stars and sparkles to give it a magical, joyful appearance, perfect for a sweet treat found in a Christmas stocking.

Festive Narwhal with a Santa Hat

festive narwhal with a santa hat

Begin by drawing a cute, plump narwhal with a large, friendly eye and a smiling mouth. Add a colorful, spiraled tusk protruding from its head. Place a Santa hat at the tip of the tusk, making sure it drapes down playfully. Illustrate the narwhal’s body with subtle waves to show it’s in the ocean. Surround it with small water splashes and a few festive stars to emphasize the cheerful holiday spirit of your drawing.

Caroling Kids

caroling kids

Illustrate three children side by side, each bundled up in cozy winter clothes—hats, scarves, and jackets. Have them holding open songbooks, with their mouths open as if mid-song. Add musical notes floating around them to suggest the melody of Christmas carols. Detail their attire with patterns like snowflakes or stripes, and give them rosy cheeks for a cheerful, cold-weather glow. This heartwarming scene captures the joy of holiday traditions.

A Christmas Train

a christmas train

To draw this playful scene, start with a decorated Christmas tree as the backdrop, featuring ornaments and a star on top. In the foreground, sketch a colorful toy train with a smiling snowman face on the engine. Add festive details to the train, like wreaths, lights, and a Santa hat on the snowman. Place the train on tracks to suggest movement. Scatter some confetti and stars around to enhance the celebratory mood of the drawing.

Festive Fox

festive fox

Begin by drawing a cheerful fox with a large head and a pointed snout. Add fluffy cheeks and large, expressive eyes to give it a friendly appearance. Illustrate the fox’s bushy tail wrapping around its body, and sketch a strand of Christmas lights entwined in the tail. Place the fox sitting on a patch of snow, and add some twinkling stars around it to enhance the magical holiday vibe of your drawing.

Christmas Cactus

christmas cactus

Draw a tall, green cactus with two raised arms and place it in a decorative pot. Wrap a string of colorful Christmas lights around its arms and body, adding small dots to represent tiny ornaments. Top the cactus with a Santa hat, completing its Southwest holiday look. Ensure the cactus has a happy expression, and sprinkle some festive stars around it to create a merry and unique Christmas drawing.

A Snowy Bridge

a snowy bridge

To capture this serene winter scene, draw a sturdy wooden bridge over a gently curving frozen stream. Add railings to the bridge for a rustic touch. Surround the landscape with various pine trees, each laden with snow. Sketch the ground with soft curves to indicate banks of snow, and scatter snowflakes throughout the sky. Consider adding subtle textures to the trees and ground to enhance the feel of a crisp snowy day.

Decorating Christmas Cookies

decorating christmas cookies

Draw a pair of hands holding icing pens, poised over a variety of holiday-shaped cookies laid out on a table. Include gingerbread men, trees, stars, and hearts among the cookies. Decorate the cookies with icing, candies, and sprinkles to add color and texture. Frame the scene with a festive atmosphere by scattering some cookie decorations and a few small icing tubes around the edges for a lively Christmas baking session.

A Festive Turtle with a Gift

a festive turtle with a gift

Start by drawing a round-faced turtle with large, sparkling eyes and a sweet smile. Place a decorative bow on top of its shell and draw a Santa hat on its head, tilting to one side. Sketch the turtle’s shell with checkered patterns to resemble gift wrapping. Have the turtle hold a small, ribboned gift in front of it. Add hearts above the turtle to show its joy in giving during the holiday season.

Christmas Fireworks

christmas fireworks

Start by drawing a dark night sky as a backdrop on your canvas. Fill the sky with a burst of colorful fireworks in various shapes and sizes, using bright colors like red, blue, yellow, and green. Below the fireworks, add a simple landscape silhouette with pine trees. For a playful touch, include a cute character in winter attire gazing up at the display. Ensure the fireworks are vibrant and joyous, capturing the essence of the festive season.

Santa’s Magic Key

santa's magic key

To draw an old-fashioned Santa key, start with a large, ornate handle decorated with intricate patterns or swirls, reflecting a magical look. Add a long, sturdy shaft leading to a detailed bit with unique wards, the part that would turn the lock. Above the key, draw a character that embodies the spirit of Christmas, such as a joyful elf with a big smile, to suggest the key’s special purpose for delivering presents.

A Woolen Scarf and Hat

a woolen scarf and hat

To illustrate a cozy winter scene, draw a knitted hat and scarf set with rich, interwoven textures. Use vibrant colors to highlight the yarn’s intricate patterns. Place the items on a bench with a light dusting of snow to evoke a sense of warmth against the cold. Add snowflakes falling gently around them, and some evergreen branches in the background to complete the charming holiday atmosphere.

An Ice Castle

an ice castle

To draw this enchanting scene, start with a majestic ice castle, adding spires and turrets with icy detailing to create a shimmering effect. Place the castle in a snowy landscape dotted with pine trees. Above the castle, depict a large, detailed moon and sprinkle the sky with stars. Add a few fireworks or glimmers to reflect the moonlight on the castle’s surfaces. At the forefront, you could include a cheerful snowman to complete the magical Christmas setting.

Christmas Fairy

christmas fairy

Sketch a small, whimsical fairy with large, delicate wings and a gentle smile. Adorn the fairy’s hair with flowers and stars. Surround her with a string of holiday lights, looping around her in a swirling pattern. Include tiny sparkles and stars between the lights to give the impression of a magical glow. Set this charming scene against a soft, pastel background to enhance the fairy’s festive and enchanting presence.

A Christmas Ham

a christmas ham

Draw a plump, smiling ham on a platter, adding a patterned texture to suggest its glazed surface. Adorn the ham with pineapple slices, depicted in a crosshatch pattern for their distinct texture, and place cherries around the ham for a pop of color. Include a few decorative flourishes like flowers or herbs on the platter. This festive and friendly food illustration can be a fun and easy addition to any collection of cute Christmas drawings.

Festive Seal with a Bow

festive seal with a bow

Draw a plump, adorable seal with a contented expression and closed eyes, as if it’s clapping its flippers joyfully. Tie a large red bow around its neck to add a touch of holiday charm. Accent the seal with small colorful dots to simulate a festive, cheerful aura. Keep the lines soft and rounded to emphasize the seal’s cuteness and to make it a heartwarming addition to any Christmas-themed drawing collection.


And that’s a wrap, like the presents under the tree! We’ve sleighed through a jolly journey of cute and easy Christmas drawing ideas, perfect for kids of all ages.

From Santa’s chuckles to Rudolph’s bright nose, we hope each drawing added a sparkle of joy and a dash of laughter to your festive season. Remember, every squiggle and doodle is a masterpiece in Santa’s workshop of creativity.

Keep those crayons rolling and let the holiday spirit continue to inspire you. Until next time, may your days be merry, bright, and full of delightful drawings! 🎄✨🖍️


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