The Ohuhu Mixed Media 62-page Spiral Bound Marvel: A Sketchbook for (Almost) Every Medium

As an artist, I’m constantly searching for tools that inspire creativity. But these days, my art supplies often end up doubling as my five-year-old’s. Finding something that works for both precise sketches and explosive bursts of color can be a challenge.

Recently, in the ongoing quest for the perfect all-in-one art companion, I picked up the Ohuhu Mixed Media 62-page sketchbook with spiral bound.

My son, a watercolor enthusiast (think dark brown-reddish galaxies and heavily-curved rainbows), was particularly eager to put it to the test.

In this review, we’ll be diving into our experiences with this sketchbook, exploring its strengths, weaknesses, and who else might benefit from adding it to their art supplies.

What Is Ohuhu Mixed Media Sketchbook?

The Ohuhu Mixed Media sketchbook landed on my doorstep a few months ago, promising a world of artistic possibility within its 62 spiral-bound pages.

Each page boasted thick, high-quality paper designed to withstand a variety of mediums, perfect for both seasoned artists and enthusiastic beginners (like my five-year-old son).

The sketchbook itself offered a clever flexibility thanks to the spiral binding. No more wrestling to flatten out stubborn pages; this pad allowed for comfortable positioning at any angle, whether flat on a desk or folded back onto itself for a more compact drawing surface.

The inclusion of a protective sheet to prevent bleed-through is thoughtful, ensuring that your work remains clean and unaffected on the next page.

Also, having a handy elastic bookmark was a nice touch, keeping track of your latest masterpiece a breeze.

But does convenience and adaptability translate into real-world usability? Intrigued by the features and eager to unleash our creativity, my son and I dove headfirst into using the sketchbook.

After a few months of putting it through its paces, we emerged with a mix of positive experiences and some surprising drawbacks. Let’s explore what worked well for us and what aspects of the sketchbook might not be ideal for every artistic pursuit.

What We Liked And What We Disliked

First of all, you can watch my video review to learn about all the details:

What We Liked

ohuhu sketchbook protective sheet

I appreciated the paper’s thickness and texture, which provided a satisfying surface for drawing with water-based markers, wax crayons, pens, all sorts of pencils and acrylic markers. These mediums did not bleed through the paper, which is a significant plus.

The sketchbook’s durability and the protective sheet included for use with alcohol-based markers were also notable features. This addition shows consideration for artists who use mediums that typically bleed through paper more easily.

What We Did Not Like

watercolor testing on ohuhu sketchbook

However, the sketchbook fell short of my expectations in a few areas.

Firstly, I did not like that alcohol-based markers tend to bleed through the paper. This was somewhat disappointing, as the bleeding limits the use of one side of the paper for such markers.

More importantly, the sketchbook did not perform well with watercolors, a medium my son particularly enjoys. The paper noticeably warps after water is applied, making it less than ideal for watercolor paintings or techniques that require a lot of water.

Additionally, the sketchbook’s weight is a drawback for those who prefer lightweight art supplies for travel or outdoor painting sessions. Its heft makes it less convenient to carry around, which could be a significant consideration for plein air artists or those who like to sketch on the go.

Recommended Uses

Based on my experience, the Ohuhu Mixed Media sketchbook is best suited for dry or slightly wet mediums such as water-based markers, pencil crayons, pens, colored pencils, and acrylic markers.

It’s an excellent choice for sketching, drawing, and light painting work where minimal water is involved.

However, I would not recommend it for heavy watercolor work or for artists who primarily use alcohol-based markers without being mindful of the bleed-through.


The Ohuhu Mixed Media 62-page sketchbook offers a lot of potentials, especially for artists and hobbyists looking for a versatile paper that can handle a range of mediums.

Its quality construction and thoughtful features like the spiral binding and protective sheet for bleed-through prevention make it a valuable tool.

However, its limitations with watercolors and the weightiness of the sketchbook might make it less suitable for certain users.

Overall, it’s a solid choice for many, but with specific considerations to keep in mind depending on your preferred art medium.


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