10 Snowman Drawings For Kids

Ready to roll up some frosty fun with snowman drawings for kids? Let’s embark on a chilly adventure where the only thing cooler than the snow is our creativity! From classic carrot-nosed companions to snowmen holding brooms (because, let’s face it, we have to clean the snow as well!), we’ve got a blizzard of ideas to melt your heart, not your crayons.

So grab your art supplies and let’s turn those blank pages into a winter wonderland, where every snowman is just a snowball’s throw away from becoming a masterpiece. Time to snow-prise ourselves with amazing art! ⛄🎨

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Snowman Family (My Favorite Drawing Idea)

snowman family

The image showcases a delightful snowman family, featuring a tall snowman with a red and blue hat on the right, a smaller one with a green and yellow hat on the left, and two mini snowmen in the middle.

Each snowman has a warm smile, a carrot nose, and is dressed in colorful winter accessories, standing happily together against a clean, white background.

I like them because this is something different from your regular single snowman, There are five of them! And they look so happy and cute.

And of course, I drew them! You can see the drawing I made in the post where I review STUDIO markers.

Smiling Snowman

smiling snowman

The image depicts a cheerful snowman standing upright. It features a prominent, joyful smile, a carrot nose, and a striped hat in multiple colors. The snowman has a classic three-button design on its front and stick arms raised as if expressing happiness. It’s set against a plain, light background, giving the snowman a vibrant contrast.

Snowman with a Hat

snowman with a hat

The image displays a charming snowman adorned with a colorful striped winter hat with a pom-pom. It has a snug blue scarf, a friendly smile, a carrot nose, and blushed cheeks. The snowman’s arms are made of sticks, outstretched as if welcoming. Three red buttons align vertically down its front, and it stands against a simple white background with a few specks of snow around it.

Snowman Holding a Broom

snowman holding a broom

The illustration shows a jovial snowman equipped with a broom in its right hand, suggesting readiness to sweep away snow. It wears a classic Santa hat and a scarf, with three buttons placed down its center. The snowman’s left hand rests on its hip, and it has a simple, pleasant smile. This black and white image has a clean background, highlighting the snowman’s outline and features.

Snowman and Snowflakes

snowman and snowflakes

This image features a festive snowman in the midst of gently falling snowflakes. The snowman is smiling, sporting a patterned red and white hat and a matching red scarf. With a carrot nose and coal-like eyes and mouth, it stands with its stick arms open wide, embodying the joy of a snowy day against a backdrop peppered with various snowflakes.

Friendly Snowman Waving

friendly snowman waving

The image shows an affable snowman with a beaming smile and blushed cheeks, waving hello. Dressed in a cozy blue winter hat and scarf, it holds a candy cane in its other hand. Three dark buttons adorn its front, and it’s surrounded by a few scattered snowflakes, enhancing the wintry charm of the scene. The snowman’s posture and accessories suggest a warm, welcoming demeanor amidst a snowy setting.

Snowman with a Scarf

snowman with a scarf

The image captures a delightful snowman wrapped in a multicolored striped scarf and topped with a matching hat finished with a pom-pom. It features a carrot nose, a warm, inviting smile, and rosy cheeks. The snowman is adorned with a trio of dark buttons down its front and is set against a light background dotted with delicate blue snowflakes, adding to the cheerful winter atmosphere.

Snowman and a Penguin Friend

snowman and a penguin friend

The image shows a snowman with a contented smile, wearing a winter hat and scarf, accompanied by a friendly penguin to its side. Both are set in a snowy scene with snowflakes falling around them. The snowman has buttons and stick arms, one of which seems to be greeting the viewer. The penguin stands beside, looking up at the snowman, creating a scene of wintry companionship.

Snowman Under a Starry Sky

snowman under a starry sky

The image illustrates a snowman in a wintry landscape, complete with a smiling face, stick arms outstretched, and wearing a snug hat and scarf. The background features a night sky filled with stars and falling snowflakes, fluffy clouds, and silhouettes of pine trees, creating a picturesque and serene snowy scene.

Snowman with a Pet Snow-Dog

snowman with a pet snow-dog

The image depicts a cheerful snowman adorned with a winter hat and scarf, alongside a joyful snow-dog. The snowman has a carrot nose, a contented smile, and three buttons on its torso. The snow-dog, seated next to the snowman, seems to be looking up with a friendly expression. Both are set against a plain background that accentuates their playful winter companionship.


And that’s a frosty wrap on our snowman drawing adventure! We’ve rolled, doodled, and giggled our way through a flurry of creative ideas, building snowmen more magical than the ones in your backyard. Each drawing has brought a piece of winter’s wonder right onto your pages, showing that a little imagination can turn a few circles and sticks into frosty friends. Keep these snowy sketches to remind you of the fun times, or share them to spread some winter cheer. Remember, every snowman you drew has a cool story to tell. Until our next artistic snowball fight, keep those pencils as sharp as icicles and your hearts as warm as a cozy fire!🔥


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