Crayola Markers Review: Are Stamper Markers the Ideal Choice for Kids’ Art Projects?

Having just discovered a way to add a dash of imagination to my five-year-old’s crafts, I couldn’t help but share the find. The Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Stampers make creating colorful designs a breeze. I love watching the excitement as my child stamps stars, smiley faces, and hearts onto paper, making his artwork pop with fun icon imprints.

These markers are more than just colorful; they’re a parent’s dream come true. Accidental wall art? No problem! A simple wipe with warm water and a sponge takes care of the mess, leaving walls and surfaces spotless.

Using these stampers is so straightforward that my son dives in without any guidance, exploring their ease of use by himself. Although the stamps could be more user-friendly with larger tips for clearer images, the vibrant colors and washable ink outweigh this small downside.

Bottom Line

The joy and creativity these stampers bring to playtime are great. If you’re considering a fun, no-fuss way to spice up craft time, these Crayola Stampers are a smart pick.

Take the plunge and add a burst of creativity to your child’s activities. Click here to purchase the Crayola Stampers and let their imagination soar!

My Experience With Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Stampers Markers Arts & Crafts

a pack of crayola ultra clean washable stampers markers

I recently picked up the Crayola Ultra Clean Marker Stampers for a fun crafting day with my little one, and we had a mixed bag of impressions.

The excitement of using shapes like hearts and stars to create colorful art was the main draw. The stamps require a firm hand though, and you do have to press quite hard to create a clean stamp, which I found a bit challenging for younger children.

These markers are specifically for stamping, so don’t plan on using them for drawing as the sides of the tip are not designed for that.

However, on the bright side, the iconic Crayola washability did not disappoint. Accidental smears on walls were a breeze to clean up with just warm water and a sponge, which is always a relief for any parent. Personally, I hate marker marks on the walls!

Yet, despite the fun shapes, my five-year-old’s interest waned quicker than expected. These stampers might be more appealing to older kids who enjoy them as part of a larger craft project. My husband is still very much interested by the markers hehe!

The washability is fantastic for preventing messes, but the novelty of the stamp shapes alone may have a limited shelf life for some youngsters.

What I Liked And What I Did Not Like

tiny icons next to the crayola markers they are printed with

What I Liked

My experience with the Crayola Stampers was full of vibrant colors and delightful shapes that truly brought a pop of joy to arts and crafts time.

One standout feature was definitely how washable the ink is. Whether it was on hands, fabric, or even walls—yes, a little mural action took place—the claims held true. A bit of warm water and a sponge wiped away the art adventures without a trace.

And those bright colors? They mimic the classic Crayola palette that’s both inviting and eye-catching, making every stamp a vivid addition to any creation.

The fun shapes were a bonus, turning everyday drawing into a whimsical experience, especially for the little artists in my life who couldn’t get enough of stamping away.

What I Did Not Like

While my crafting sessions were lively, I did find the stampers’ usage a tad limiting.

Once you stamp, there’s not much else you can do with them, making it feel like a one-trick pony at times.

I have noticed that the fine lines from the side of the marker tip aren’t as sharp as dedicated fine line markers. That could just be the adult in me talking, as the kids didn’t seem to mind one bit. They were more creative with their use, but it did highlight the need for versatility.

Also, the quality of the stamps themselves was not always consistent. At times, getting a clear print required a steady hand and a perfect amount of pressure—skills not every young artist has mastered.

tiny icons printed with crayola markers tips

When the lines came out faint or incomplete, it led to a few furrowed brows from the little ones who demanded perfection in their art.

Other Customer Reviews

Having tried the Crayola stampers myself, I’ve been quite happy with how they sparked creativity without leaving permanent disaster zones in their wake.

My personal experience resonates with other shoppers who have highlighted the fun element these stampers bring to the table.

Some reviewers did mention that the stamps are on the smaller side, which seems like a valid observation.

In my use, I noticed it takes a bit of skill to get a crisp image, but the process is part of the fun.

The only real snag I encountered was that a couple of the markers felt less juicy than the others, which lines up with a few comments about some stampers drying out a bit too quickly.

Above all, these stampers have been a hit with families.

It’s not only about the enjoyment they provide, but also the peace of mind knowing that the mess can be easily washed away. They definitely live up to the Crayola reputation for durable, kid-friendly art supplies.

Bold and Vibrant Colors

Each of the 10 stampers comes in a color that pops and sizzles on the page.

Although the colors are strong, they do not bleed excessively, which allows me to work on finer details without worry. It’s this balance between boldness and practicality that I liked.

Unique Icon Stamper Tips: Use This Trick

tip of a crayola marker with tiny icon to print

Each stamper is designed with a neat little icon at the tip, making it effortless to create cute patterns. Here’s a tip: use the side of the marker tip for adding fine lines or fill colors to your artwork for a detailed touch.

But you’ll want to press the stamper just right — not too hard, or the ink will smudge.

For the best print, gently wiggle the marker tip on the paper. Try pressing lightly up, down, left, and right for a perfectly even print – it’s like a little marker dance!

Also, make sure the cap is securely closed after use to keep the stampers from drying out.

Ultra-Clean Washable Formula

Whether crafting with kids or adding a pop of creativity to my planner, these stampers leave no room for worry about stains.

The magic happens when it’s time to clean up. A little spill on the table? No problem!

Contrary to traditional markers, these stampers come off surfaces with nothing more than warm water and a sponge. It’s refreshing to see bold colors without the usual aftermath on my hands or workspace. I even tested the claim on my walls, and true enough, the marks wiped away seamlessly.

Joy in crafting comes with the freedom to make mistakes, knowing they won’t be permanent. With these stampers at hand, I’m more inclined to stamp to my heart’s content, embracing the fun shapes from hearts to mustaches, without a second thought about messes.

It’s a relief, especially when the creative process gets as colorful and spontaneous as the ideas in my head or in the head of my little one.

Creative Ideas for Using Stampers

It’s fascinating to see how each stamper, with its unique icon, can transform a plain piece of paper into a whimsical story.

I’ve noticed that kids love adding these fun-filled shapes to homemade greeting cards, giving them a personal touch that store-bought cards just can’t match.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

  • Creating wrapping paper: I’ve jazzed up plain brown craft paper with a symphony of stamped shapes for a bespoke look when gifting.
  • Decorating greeting cards: My son tried his hand at stamping on the edges of greeting cards. The colours held up nicely and added a lot of character and unique touch to our cards.
  • Educational play: Practiced identifying the shapes and colors with younger kids, which was a fun learning activity.


After my time with the Crayola Stampers, I’ve found them to be a delightful addition to any crafting session, especially for kids. The cute little stamps spark creativity and are a blast for decoration, and the washable aspect is a lifesaver, ensuring clean-up is a breeze. However, I did come across a couple of stampers that dried out a bit too quickly. Also, for those tiny hands eager to stamp, the stamp size could be more user-friendly. In the world of affordable, fun art supplies that allow for easy clean-up, these stampers do stand out. Despite the minor hiccups, I’m pretty much content with the purchase and so is my little one—endless fun with just a piece of paper and a dash of imagination!


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