Abeier Markers Review: Unveiling the Pros, Cons, and Artistic Possibilities

As a budding artist, I have the ABEIER 120 Colors Alcohol Markers Set, and I must admit, I’m quite taken by the vibrant array of colors it includes. It’s been a delightful addition to my art supplies, and from what I’ve seen, it’s quite the hit among fellow artists and hobbyists.

With the dual tips, switching between fine details and broader strokes is a breeze. The chisel tip helps fill larger areas while the fine bullet point is perfect for those intricate details we artists fuss over. The markers glide smoothly and the color payout is good, giving life to drawings with their vividness.

Yet, no product is without its flaws. They can bleed through if the paper isn’t thick enough, so you must choose your canvas wisely. And while the ergonomic design is meant to prevent hand fatigue, they can feel a bit bulky if you’re used to slimmer pens.

But overall, the quality and the seamless blending they offer more than make up for these minor inconveniences.

Bottom Line

If you’re diving into the colorful world of art, the ABEIER Markers Set could be a smart pick. Its great range of colors and dual-tip functionality caters well to both novices and seasoned artists.

From personal experience, these markers have made my art pop in ways I didn’t expect. Ready to unleash your creativity? Click here to purchase your set of ABEIER Alcohol Markers and bring your artwork to life!

Experience True Color: My Experience with the 120 Colors Alcohol Markers Set

friendly hugging cats , a drawing made with alcohol-based abeier markers

As per my request, my husband gave me the ABEIER Alcohol Markers for my last birthday. I decided to test my creativity on a charming project of Friendly Hugging Cats you can see above. It was one of these love drawing ideas.

The blend of vibrant hues these markers offer turned my sketches into vivid masterpieces. Although I did pair them with colored pencils, which were a great addition, I noticed how the alcohol-based ink sets quickly, making it impossible to erase any underlying pencil lines afterward.

While the chisel and fine bullet tips were excellent for both wide coverage and detailed lines, I did learn that the markers have a tendency to bleed slightly like any alcohol-based markers.

For the drawing above, I used printer paper, which is not really suited for markers. However, I still liked the results.

I also recorded this video review where I draw the Sleeping Frog from the Frog Drawing Ideas post:

Here’s my Frog masterpiece. Note that for the black outline, I used an acrylic marker because these alcohol markers are not good for outlining; they mix with the rest of drawing way too well:

Over the past six months, one of the 120 markers dried out, which was quite a bummer since I did not use it at all.

When referencing creative projects combining different tools, I found excellent tips and finished results in the article, What To Draw With Markers And Colored Pencils.

What I liked And What I did not Like

What I liked

After getting my hands on these ABEIER markers, a few aspects made my drawing sessions a lot more enjoyable.

  • The vibrancy of hues really brings life to my artwork, and I’ve noticed how these shades pop off the page with so much energy.
  • Blending these markers is a breeze, making transitions in my art look smooth and natural.
  • The inclusion of dual tips is a game-changer: I can fill in expansive blocks of color just as effortlessly as I can hone in on tiny details.
  • For a product with high ink potency, I’m also pleasantly surprised by the lack of strong odor that often comes with alcohol-based markers.

What I did not like

a person holding salmon pink marker in the hand

Despite the positives, a few things dimmed my experience.

  • As I already mentioned above, I’ve barely used the Salmon Pink marker, yet it’s already dry, which is a bit disappointing considering it’s only been around for half a year.
  • Also, while I appreciate the color output, the bleeding on standard paper can be excessive unless I use thicker paper, which means extra prep with a backing sheet to prevent any mess.
  • And when it comes to handling these markers for extended periods, I feel that a more ergonomic design could make them more comfortable to use during my longer drawing sessions.
abeier marker swatches on white paper

ABEIER’s guarantee of satisfaction reflects in their quality, and while the colors popped on paper, some shades weren’t as true to the cap as I’d have liked. I had to swatch the markers on every medium I wanted to use them on. This is a normal practice though.

back side of white paper with abeier marker swatches

Other Customer Reviews

Reading through what other users have to say truly sheds light on how these colorful markers perform in the wild.

Something that caught my eye immediately is how many people love the variety of shades in this set; it’s like having a rainbow at your fingertips.

While I was sketching with them, I noticed the same rich pigments they mentioned, though I had to watch for bleed-through on certain papers.

Some users suggest having a rest sheet underneath while coloring to prevent any mishaps, which I found incredibly helpful during my drawing sessions.

a person showing bag of abeier markers

It’s also great that the markers come with a handy bag—my desk is already crowded enough without markers rolling around! However, the bag could have been better quality, but I do not have any complaints in this regard.

The markers do tend to dry out if left uncapped, a tip I wish I’d known a bit sooner.

Also, some customers complained that the nibs weren’t as fine as they had expected, making delicate lines a challenge. But for the price point, it’s tough to argue with the value they offer.

These markers seem pretty durable too; a couple of drawings in, and I’m not seeing any noticeable signs of wear. It feels like I’ve got a trustworthy sidekick for my art projects moving forward.

In essence, they’re an affordable solution that does seem to stand up to more expensive counterparts, even if you might have to work around a few quirks.

Dual Tips for Versatility in Art Creation

After playing around with the ABEIER markers, I must say the dual tips have been an absolute delight for varying art applications.

The fine bullet point is perfect when I’m aiming for neat, precise lines or detailed work. On the flip side, the chisel tip is my go-to for bold, broad strokes or when I need to quickly fill in large spaces.

One thing I appreciate is the flexibility these tips offer. I can switch between delicate illustrations and more aggressive shading or coloring with just a flip of the marker.

The color blending capability is excellent too—I’ve created some pretty seamless gradients without having to overwork the paper or the marker nibs.

Where the struggle lies sometimes is in maintaining control with the broader chisel tip, especially when I’m working on smaller, more intricate designs. But with a little practice, it’s manageable.

Thoughtful Design Comes With Problems

I appreciate the ridged caps that stop them from rolling off my desk – it’s the small things that really show the attention to detail from ABEIER’s long experience in the industry.

However, the same ridged shape of the marker pens creates some ergonomic problems, at least for me. I do not find it very comfortable to hold them in my fingers for a long time.

About ABEIER Company

The company has been supplying quality products for over 20 years.


comparison of abeier marker swatches with water based color

After spending some time with this 120-color marker set from ABEIER, I’ve come to appreciate its strengths and acknowledge a few of its drawbacks. The vibrant palette is simply a joy to work with—there’s a hue for every imaginable scenario, making it a versatile pick for artists, hobbyists, or anyone in between. The dual tips add to their utility, allowing for both detailed work and broader strokes.

I’ve noticed, however, that these markers do tend to bleed through regular paper, so a thicker canvas or an additional rest sheet is necessary to avoid any mess. Also, while the color selection is fantastic, matching the cap to the actual ink can sometimes be off, so doing a quick swatch test before diving into your project is a good tip.

The bag they come in is both stylish and functional, making transport a breeze. Longevity-wise, they seem to hold up well through many art sessions, offering more bang for your buck. But be mindful, some colors might run out faster than the others, and the pinks can be a bit too fluorescent for my taste.

Given these points, for the price, the ABEIER marker set is a find. Especially if you’re like me—constantly on the hunt for quality art supplies that don’t break the bank. Just remember to have heavier paper at hand, and you’ll be set for a colorful, creative adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having spent some time with the Abeier markers set, I’m here to address some common queries people have about these art tools. I’ve taken the liberty to break down the information into sections for ease of reading.

How do Abeier markers compare to Ohuhu markers?

From my experience, Abeier markers hold their ground well against Ohuhu markers. Though both are favorites in the artist community for their vibrant colors and dual tips, Abeier markers seem to offer a comparable quality at a potentially better price point. I’ve noticed that both brands bleed through thin paper, but the blend-ability is more or less identical. However, one distinct advantage I found with Abeier is the ergonomic design of the barrels which makes extended drawing sessions more comfortable.

What are customers saying about Abeier markers in Amazon reviews?

The Amazon reviews for Abeier markers are mostly positive. Many users rave about the wide range of colors and the handiness of the carrying case. There are mentions of the markers drying quickly if not capped properly but also praises for their ability to match more expensive brands in terms of quality. Some reviewers expressed concerns about the accuracy of the cap colors to the ink and an occasional issue with ink flow. Yet, overall, customers seem to be pleased with their purchase, finding these markers offering good value for the money.

Are alcohol markers a good investment for artists?

Based on my personal experience and what I’ve gathered, investing in a set of alcohol markers can be worthwhile for artists. Their ability to create smooth blends and the permanence of their ink make them a staple for professional illustrations. The Abeier set, with its extensive range of 120 colors, provides artists with ample choices to express their creativity. However, they can bleed through, so it’s smart to use thick paper or have a blotter page beneath your artwork.

Is it safe to use alcohol markers on skin?

Using alcohol markers on the skin isn’t something I’d recommend. They are not formulated for such use, and doing so could lead to skin irritation. Alcohol markers are meant for paper and similar surfaces and should be used accordingly to ensure safety.

What are the advantages of using alcohol-based markers over water-based ones?

Alcohol-based markers like the Abeier set have several advantages over water-based markers that I’ve found to be quite significant. Their most notable superiority is in their ability to blend seamlessly without leaving streaks. Also, alcohol markers dry quickly and are usually more fade-resistant, allowing for long-lasting artwork. While water-based markers are great for certain techniques and are generally more forgiving, alcohol markers give a more vibrant, professional finish to the coloring.


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